View Full Version : Hidden changes from the season 5 patch

02-21-2018, 10:18 PM
Just a list of things I found people mentioned that people might not know about:

~valks side dash attacks are no longer free gb's if blocked (I think forward dash might still be though.)

~you can now turn on damage numbers in your options to get a real time notification in the bottom left of your screen. really neat.

~Highlander now has 600ms side dodge recovery in defensive form. this lets him punish a lot more things now. (his OF side dash recoveries are even faster than this just fyi.)

~zerker's feint animations were cleaned up so they look more smooth. If you light>same side heavy feint>and opposite side heavy fast enough it looks like a heavily delayed heavy.

~shaman feint animation on heavy was also cleaned up. When you feint a heavy>switch guard to other side>gb she sort of does a little twirl letting people know what's going on better.

~You can revive someone now even if the bar disappears so long as you continue to hold the revive button.