View Full Version : Brooklyn Return

02-21-2018, 07:13 PM
When i first saw the trailer for this game, i was excited to go to Manhattan, but i was even more excited for Brooklyn.
The opening area in Brooklyn was...amazing. I loved it! Even though it was small, it was fantastically created.
Please give us the option to go back if we choose?
Maybe a new story mission or side mission? When we left, Brooklyn was mostly secure..bring us back. Let's say rioters have been reported and JTF are losing their grip. Let's fight across the brooklyn bridge and take care of that area one last time..bring this story full circle. Possibly go as far as giving a mkII season weapons cache in the trunk of the car we first interacted with.
Bring that map into skirmish/last stand.

Been here since day 1 and was faithful since day of release.
Please give us this. It's already rendered, just put in enemy AI like west side piers! :)
Thank you for taking the time to read!

06-22-2018, 11:21 PM
That sounds like a good idea. That place could also work like a small size DZ.I have level 30 character there with 274 GS though :D