View Full Version : Game STILL broken cant get player match

02-21-2018, 05:54 AM
Was ok for bit NOW cant get player match in dominion AT ALL, didnt get tribute 1st time did on reboot , but AS ALWAYS matchmaking a COMPLETE JOKE wasnt even battle so uneven it was laughable ,about time Ubi sorted this mess, had to wait 25mins for 2min onslaught , ,DONT say reps doesnt matter rep 2 and not even 1 wirtth 2 bot s against 36.11,8 and 4 NO ONE could say thats fair match but i carried on for used my xp bonus beforehand lost it last time ,how PATIENT have we gotta be Ubi , over 1 year on matchmaking still a farce WHERES the servers, still gotta wait over 20mins for game ,HOW do you expect to encourage NEW players to game or even keep the foreever waiting diehard loyal ones ,so many promises too little action FAR too long wait.

02-21-2018, 06:01 AM
I am not sure if we are talking about the same thing, but since yesterday I am experiencing issues when trying to connect to play Dominion or Tribute. It just doesn't work. It will only let me connect if the game is already in progress, otherwise it doesn't work.

Can anyone look into this?

02-21-2018, 06:46 AM
They are it's the stickied thread at top of the fourm under s5 list of current issue

02-21-2018, 11:30 AM
Not doing very good job for STILL doing it but Ubi LOVE doing things slowly , when are they sorting out bomb wimps and the farming players etc? or the much promised faster executions

02-21-2018, 04:32 PM
They tried to fix the bug a few days ago the random maintenance it fixed it for a day then came back the feat I hope so the afk farming yes take a screenshots send it to support they should get some sort of sanction the faster execution some heros all ready have some fast ones not sure when there realeasing more as they did recently I belive