View Full Version : ps4 and maybe xbox 1 unofficial pro league.

02-21-2018, 12:16 AM
so i am kinda mad with the pc pro league. why are't there a ps4 and xbox1 pro seance. i wanna see the stats for the ps4 and xbox1.
so i thought of something. me and someone else (i am not popular) make a unofficial pro seance.
nobody wins money but you can get fame i guess? i'm thinking like people can go here to start and then go to the go4 or the other way around?
and if i (or we) do it live then we can make a pro seance. then i just thought of the worst thing. toxic players.

toxicity is so rapid in the pro seance that the players will cheat stream snipe and anything to win. what i could do to stop stream sniping is record it then live stream it.
cheating will be another problem. if i do it alone it will be hard to find cheaters. i was thinking having someone else help with it. like one team on orange team and one on blue.

and the last one toxicity. spawn peeks will happen glitches will happen and anything that can go bad will go bad. but mainly i think that recording will be the biggest problem. i'm thinking making a youtube channel just in case the videos get glitched somehow.
thanks for reading. if anyone would like to help i need to have someone on ps4 and has 4000 subs that might do this.
the biggest problem though is that i'm just 10 13 and have no power and i might run into legal action on me. (and i don't want that)
thanks for reading

now we have a issue with xbox1 now. i don't own one.
i can do it two ways, A have two people take over for xbox.
or B get off my lazy but and get a xbox.

i would rather A because i am to relaxed.