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02-20-2018, 07:12 PM
Let me start off by saying that I am just going to point out some issues that I encountered and my fellow Orochi's that i play with have encountered. If you do have a different opinion then i do then i encourage you to reply back and let me know why. Now allow me to say that your reply should be thought out before typing something that does not make any sense.
Im going to start off by saying I believe that Orochi is in a class of his own in that he is a TRUE skill character. Now before you say 'no he is not' hear me out. He is the only character that does not have an opener (unblockable without deflecting, head butt, kick, shove, punch). I know he is a counter-attacker but what if the opponent doesn't want to attack? Friends and I have found clever ways to do so but damn is it hard to open a stubborn turtle. Issue #2 is his side light attacks are SLOW as hell. They are slower then some heavy attacks from other characters. How is a guy holding a Katana slower then a guy holding a broad sword or a claymore? Issue #3 I have seen with the new update and the re-work of some characters that affect Orochi's Rip-tide displacement. When using Rip-tide on the new moves for Kensei soft feints, the displacement is not enough. Let me just say I am not complaining about Kensei, in fact I am glad he got a re-work and that it is probably the first re-work that Ubi got correct after a year of diddling with characters. However, a very good tool that was working against Kensei is no long viable because of the changes to Kensei's movement, which just needs to be looked at. Issue #4 Orochi's area attack (1 of his 3 weapons). When this moved got "patched" due to the top light flicker, it has become harder to activate because it is requiring more precise timing. Again, i feel like this needs to be clarified before people want to say 'just get better', I have learned the precision however when I know i have slammed the buttons perfectly I end up swinging a light attack which is slower then some heavy attacks. Guess what happens next....PARRY. These are just issues with a character that hurts him more in addition to all the gimmicks that other characters have to destroy Orochi's. Now you might say "WHAT GIMMICKS?". Oh you know what gimmicks I'm referring to lets be honest (Hyper Armor, Free hits after successfully all-blocking someone, free shove after blocking, forward dodge attack from any direction, biting to regain health, all-blocking to regain health, etc...) ill stop there because its making me want to vomit.

Ok, I understand this just sounds like complaints Ubi so allow me to provide some solutions perhaps.
1. Remove Hyper Armor from the game completely, the ability to just keep swinging through attacks is not skillful. For people that play berserker and are offended by this you know its true. Berserkers purposely miss 1, 2, 3, swings so they can bait you into a trade attack which we all know other character end up losing in that trade.
2. Dominion is no longer a playable game type because of all the ganking. Listen I understand the concept of 4v4 and I am not opposed to people ganking but you are not providing the person being ganked a way out. When the game was first launched Revenge was a scary thing, it put people in check. You though twice about ganking someone because Revenge was a real fear. Then, people complained about revenge so it got nerfed. I was one of those that was happy it got nerfed don't get me wrong but looking back on it, it allowed the 1v3 to be viable and allow that 1 person to have a chance against a gank.
3. Feats that allow you to throw grenades and catapults should either be removed or do the same amount of damage to friendlies and the person using it. How many times are you in a close fight and your opponent drops a catapult on himself and he survives? No need to answer that I know.

These are just a few suggestions to "fix" this game which is what Ubi has been trying to do since launch. Honestly, the game was probably better at launch then it is now which feels gross to say because a game should progress not digress.

02-20-2018, 07:58 PM
If they removed hyper armor, then there would be some characters that would not be able to use their heavy attacks. Just from the top of my head would be Highlander, Shugoki and Warlord. The solution could be that Berserker had to hit a target for it to trigger even if their attack got blocked.
But removing the ability all together would not be a good solution since some characters are so slow.

02-20-2018, 08:03 PM
Maybe just Shugoki because Highlander is fast for what he uses as a weapon, We can leave Warlord alone too. Thanks for the input

02-20-2018, 08:08 PM
You could wait for orichi to be reworked then coming up with these request like "Remove Hyper Armor from the game completely " the devs are not going to look at your comment take it away it would damage more heros then it would save God could you imagine Shug with no hyper-super armour

02-20-2018, 08:24 PM
What Spectres said is 110% correct sadly. And a lot of people may take it as complaining rather than constructive criticism. We say these thing and bring these problems to light because we care about the game and the longevity of this new style of game that truly makes things personal with the combat system and exacutions. Your life is truly in your hands while playing this game, your skill is supposed to show but not only that your mind. For as much skill as people have if you play checkers while another person plays chess your skill might not matter.

Now balance is what every game looks to achieve, at least I hope but in gaming now a days I see a lot of short cuts. Short cuts for people that aren't your everyday gamer and the excuse I hear for that is a money grab. "Not everyone has the time to play hours on end getting good with a character or learning moves or intricate combinations that really set themselves apart." This is a money grab because by catering to these consumers you intentionally disturb the "balance" so that Jimmy who works a 9to5 can come home and play a character like berserker and feel like he is skilled at the game to keep him playing for the 2 to 3 hours a day if that. Now Jimmy works so he won't be playing everyday and that is ok. What isn't ok is people who work and play but play everyday or go to school and have even more time to play than Jimmy therefore hopefully allowing and I don't wanna step on toes but we will call them dedicated gamers to advance there skill level through hours of work, losing, winning, observing. Giving them a chance to show through practice and dedication the skill level they are at. With For Honor you have literally stripped that away from us by implementing broken characters that make up for the players lack of skill therefore upsetting the balance of dedicated gamers because if Jimmy can play for an hr a day compared to my 4hrs a day what reason to I have to challenge myself or Jimmy for that matter if I'm trumped by a character not a player.

This brings me to Orochi again we go back to "balance" he is in every sense of the word balance. My favorite! True skill is required of him and there are other characters similar to him don't get me wrong but being honest he is at the most disadvantage compared to every character. My friend Spectres has outlined these things beautifully. I have a few suggestions myself on him and the game. 1) He is a counter attacker which means he capitalizes on others mistakes which he did season one. Not anymore, it seems every buff he is the baseline on which characters receive their buffs. "How can he beat Orochi or balance." Simple give them hyper armor.
2) Hyper armor. In a game based on skill and combat I've never understood the take one to give one in berserkers case take one give a lot more. Intentionally swinging and missing to get hyper armor so that he can't be countered is a terrible misrepresentation of skill. I always though you were trying not to get hit in any game I've ever played but realizing it is inevitable to not get hit.
3) My final one mixed into two. If hyper armor is here to stay Orochi's storm rush should go through it and stagger everyone along with his riptide to give him the description counter attacker back. This is because both moves are gambles riptide even more so. If a character is going to intentionally swing and miss it should be able to be punished not rewarded. The one Character that hyper armor was acceptable for was shugoki. Now everyone has it and it is a crutch that has broken this game.

I truly hope we get feedback as to why these broken mechanics exist in a game that I truly loved no matter how salty I got. Thank you and strive for balance.

02-20-2018, 09:28 PM
For Orochi, I dont want hyper armor, unblockables, or other gimmicks like pointed before.
Other heros makes some sense having this skills, but no...not orochi.
He is the clean warrior., swift and precise.
He does need however a little more speed, and some more bait/cancel moves, to strengthen his counter opportunities.

02-20-2018, 09:35 PM
Agreed wolfman the lack of speed combined with his lack of directional attacks that are usable is a shame