View Full Version : will there be hostile takeover / share buying?

02-20-2018, 08:42 AM
I liked the idea back in Anno 1404, but this doesn't work if the AI isn't constrained in the same way the player is. The whole idea was basically a "money war", but that becomes pointless if the AI has limitless money.

Anywho, even if takeover isn't an option, some idea to invest money into islands (ala 2070) would be welcome, as it adds more ways to interact with the game. Perhaps the idea could be expanded as well.

02-20-2018, 06:00 PM
If you like idea about investing, you should read thread that I made:


My idea would expand financial aspect of game and give more options to invest your money.

I was thinking ecatly same that it would add more ways to interact with game, would give more strategies to play it, and all this would add more replay value for players.

02-22-2018, 03:30 PM
And I have to add:

Hostile takeover is super exploitable if you think it in multiplayer games (it is terrible also vs two hard level NPCs).

If 2 other players start buy your shares, you can't only protect one island at time and you will practically lose another island.

Anybody who doesn't know how to hostile takeover worked in 2070, idea is follow:

Every island had 5 shares you could buy, you need to get 60% so you could do hostile takeover.

You can do one buy in 10min. If somebody buy one of your share, you can buy it back in that time if you didn't waste your buy to another island.

Because in 3 players situation you as one player can buy once in 10min and 2 players can together buy 2 times, you will easily lose your islands slowly but surely.

For example, player A buy share from your island 1, player B buy share from your island 2 same time. You can only buy back share from one island in that 10 min, which lead to situation that you can't stop them buying out your island shares.