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02-19-2018, 08:03 PM
Hi there, I'm a rep 10 Berserker and I'm quite disapointed with the S5 Berserker. Overall I thought his changes where very good, but, for me as well as for a lot of people on the forums and on fb, there are 2 huge flaws with the new berserker kit.

1- First, the simpliest one: the deflect. I think that this change was completely unecessary. It just made berserker's deflect harder to perform for no reason, and the reason gave for it is simply dumb. With the new input, there are actually more ways to mess up a successful deflect than to actually get it. Missing the input, pressing the input while we didn't actually deflected, pressing the input twice resulting on a gb into trow, etc ... I think that the old input should be brought back.

2- Then, the more complicated one: the top heavy finisher damage nerf. Let's be honest: it's way to much. 40 or 45 would have been understandable but not 30. This nerf totally neglects the berserker mind game trade potential. I understand that the fact that it's an unblocable makes it a stronger tool, but still, it's parryable and its 900ms. In his current state, there are no reason whatsoever to let that strike fly only on a "will it be a feinted ?" perspective. The move is too slow, so people can easily react and parry when they know the cancel window is over. However, instead of simply buffing the move to at least 40 damage, I personally thought of another way to buff it while in the same time make it logical within the berserker kit. So here his my suggestion: add a strike countdown that up the damages at each strike.

Allow me to explain: The reason for the top heavy finisher nerf that was given was that it was easier to access than other heavy finishers and yet it dealt more damage. Even tho this is understandable, the thing is that top heavy finisher can be used to end up ANY combo; which means that it theoraticly can be used after 4+ strikes of the infinite chain. Taking this into account simply completely destroys the reason of the nerf, since it means that top heavy finisher can actually be access way later in a chain than the side heavy finisher. To solve that issue, my suggestion simply is that the game should be able to count how much strikes the berserker trew out during is chain before going to the top heavy finisher, and scale up the damages accordingly like so: 1 strike before finisher = 30 damage 2 strikes before finisher = 35 damage 3 strikes before finisher = 45 damage 4 strikes before finisher = 55 damage

This, would allow the berserker to still posses some what of a strong mind game trading tool while in the same time fit his harrassing play style quite neatly.

So ? What do you guys think ? Feedback please :D

P.S: Sorry for the clickbait title :p

02-19-2018, 08:50 PM
The problem with new zerker is that deep chains are hard to get into vs competent players. You will get parried in 1v1, so these deep bonuses will never be seen.

I'd rather they throw a centurion charge mechanic on it. Leave it at 30, no unblockable, increase the speed, charge it up to 45 and unblockable at 1000ms total. The variable time will mess with parries, the HA will mess with interrupts, the unblockable will mess with turtles. But like centurion, players will eventually get used to the timings and parry/dodge the unblockable, but the zerker can adapt their mindgames.


btw I agree, I don't like the deflect change. Pretty much all the assassins can get a GB after a deflect if the attack they deflected has a long recovery. Berserker just has an advantage because it will stop a lot more attacks than a normal GB. If getting ganked made it a problem, just slap some HA on it and give some damage for throwing an enemy into another. Something unique-ish like that.

02-19-2018, 10:29 PM
At first it seems like the damages are fair, but I feel like they should be switched.
Since the unblockable is so slow, it should do more damage (40-45), and the chain heavy should be 30-35 because it's faster and if successful, you can get more hits in. And like High-horse said, chains are difficult to get on even half-skilled players, but the speed of the hits & the quick changes in direction make it easier to successfully get hits than two slow heavies.

As far as deflect goes, I never used the old one much, but now it's more like Orochi. As long as all the characters with a similar deflect use the same inputs, we'll have to get used to it.

02-19-2018, 11:34 PM
I've been playing berserker since closed beta and I have him at rep 11. He's still weak and way less viable than most of the roster. I was really hoping the devs were going to give him an actual kit instead of feint spam, but no. Still spam feint and hope your opponent does something that you can react to. Turtles will still laugh at you wasting your stamina feinting. Conqueror just laughs when you eventually let an attack go because he just blocks it and gets a free attack from it. The zerker changes seem very lazy and disappointing. The extreme nerf to his top heavy finisher is really the cherry on top.