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02-19-2018, 04:08 PM
Hi, everyone.

I have been playing this game for a month and a half now... started on January 8-9th, maybe earlier by one-two days.

At the moment I'm level 32. And I gathered as much intel and feedback as I could to write here, for anyone interested, my experience with it.

The graphics are pretty impressive. The game plays smoothly and it's a good time-killer. However, if you think that everything will be as enjoyable as the first 5-10 Levels, you're wrong.

The game allows you to save your progress online, if you connect your Facebook account. There is a hidden server feature that too saves your progress and if you uninstall the game and reinstall it at a later date (which I did twice out of frustration) the game will offer to recover the save for you.

There is the Rush mode, which is a very cool thing. The problem with it is, though, that it's only enabled on the regions which you've completed, aka there are no more story missions.

Well, having a save-file online is great. However, if you re-installed the game and didn't connect your Facebook account at the right moment, and then advanced and leveled up a few times, the game won't allow you to overwrite the file on the server.


The only thing you can do, as seen from the screenshots above, is to get the cloud version. Which, in my case, means a level 8 game. There's no option to overwrite the cloud save file.

The story... well, although there presumably IS a story, you don't feel it. Because the opportunity to complete a story mission depends on how well trained and leveled up are your assassins.

At the moment, I managed to finish 12 story missions. And to progress further I have to complete the 13th mission, which is in Region 3.


The minimum requirements to complete this mission are:
- Your assassins must be at least level 23
- They have to have a power score of minimum 1690
- They have to be of specific specialization: DPS, AOE and STEALTH.


But there is a catch to it. Not all assassins are equal. And you can get one AOE assassin only in Region 4 (so, if you want an AOE assassin, buy some Helix, with real money, and try your luck at DNA CUBES in the game store. More on that later).

Now, you may think that having an assassin at level 23, with the power score of more than 1690 will do for the mission, so you fire up the mission and you realize that you are melted. Seriously. A few waves of the swords and your warrior is down. While all the enemies are marked as level 23 (same as you), they're also marked with HARD and V. HARD. Why? It should be that if they're at the same level as you, they should get an AVG, or 1 in 10 be marked as HARD.

So then you level up... to, say, level 25...


And you are MELTED again. Disregard the fact that you still don't have an AOE hero.

I leveled up to level 27. Even got an AOE hero from the free cubes (one cube every 8 hours). And STILL GOT MELTED.

I'll try again my luck when I'll have them at level 31... maybe then I'll be able to pass this level 23 mission. Maybe.

OK, let's go forward.

The side missions

Each region has some side missions: Loot Missions that give crafting materials. Standard Missions that give training codex pages. Legacy Missions that give DNA fragments to enhance the heroes. And all these missions have specific requirements to be made, in case you want to complete them. The requirements are:
- Power Score
- Power Level
- Equipment Level

So I decided to go and do some of these mission in the Region 3 that I'm at right now.

And the requirements pop-up:


But, to get that 3-star gear done, you need crafting materials. And those crafting materials are rewarded by these very missions. So, you need specific stuff to complete a mission that actually rewards you the means to craft that specific stuff. A very unpleasant loop hole.


And don't forget the fact that the missions level up and have requirements based on your brotherhood level (you are level 30, the mission will require a level 30 team to complete). If you don't meet the requirements, you will have terrible odds at passing the mission.

There is no way to convert Iron Ore into Steel Ingots, for example. Or to convert a lower quality leather into a better quality one, just to have a way to complete the game.

So, in a way, they need to tune down the way the game asks for un-achievable things.

Now, resources.

You have three main resources:
Coins, Wood, Stone.

There's also the premium resource: Helix credits, which you can earn by opening DNA cubes or by spending real money.

The Coins are generated at the Treasury. You assign one-two assassins and they can help generate coins faster. If you do it correctly, you can get 4000-5000 coins in 4 hours. You have to collect them manually. If you don't, there won't be any coins generated more than the Treasury can hold. The problem is that... the amount of coins you can get ISN'T increased according to the level you're on. So if you level UP, therefore probably needing more coins to use to level up all your assassins, the game won't give you the pleasure of receiving more of them. You're stuck with ~1000 coins per hour indefinitely.


I'd be glad if the devs would've made it so that if you level up, then you can get 5-10% more per level. Or 5-10% faster.

Wood and Stone. You can get wood rather fast, by completing Loot Missions. At one point you'll have so much wood, you won't need it. After unlocking the Supply Room, you can send assassins to gather wood (and later in game to gather Stone).

But, due to the fact that getting coins is such a tedious thing, you'll eventually come to the situation where you can't upgrade your HQ because you don't have coins.

You need coins for training assassins, for upgrading rooms, for crafting... Practically most of the things done to improve your brotherhood require coins, and the game doesn't reward you enough.

Well, of course you can get coins faster if you spend Helix credits.

Training assassins

It's not much of a task, really. You have training codex pages, you have coins, you train the assassin. The bad thing is that the game doesn't combine the same type of codex page (codex scroll, in my screenshot) together, so you have like two entries of the same kind (look on the left side of the screen):


When you level up your brotherhood, you may see a screen like this:


However, this screen pops up only if you've leveled up at the end of a mission. If you leveled up via rushing missions, there's no screen telling you this, so it could happen that you're level 29, rushing mission after mission, and then you see you're level 30. The game doesn't tell you that you've leveled up. Therefore you might not even know what's new at the level you're now on.

The store

As any other game now, this one has a store. It has four compartments: Encrypted cube, Daily Selection, Helix Credits and Resources.


You can get a free cube every 8 hours. The countdown to the next free cube starts only after you've opened the current one. So you can't have them stacked up like one after another. If you managed to gather enough Helix Credits via the Daily Objectives, you can buy 10 DNA Cubes at a time, and hopefully get some new assassins.

I managed to do this twice already. Notice how on the 10 DNA CUBES tile it says "GUARANTEED HERO". Well, it's not actually like that. You are only rewarded DNA fragments. And if you are lucky to be rewarded enough fragments, a hero will be unlocked. The first time I bought this bundle, I received 6 or 7 new assassins. And some DNA fragments for other warriors. Via the 8-hours free cube I managed to unlock 3 more.

Then I bought another bundle of 10 DNA Cubes, and got no guaranteed hero. Only fragments to be put together. So, no. Don't belive the "Guaranteed Hero" thing.

However, if you are lucky enough and have received almost enough DNA Fragments, you can stumble upon a hero you can unlock in the Daily Selection:


I had 31 fragments for Alvaro (the AOE assassin I needed to try the story mission) and it happened that the Daily Selection had 5 more fragments, for 100 or 150 Helix Credits.

At the end of this essay, I must say that this game has no story. The devs don't want people to actually experience any idea of a story with it. It starts well, but then you become bored very fast and everything looks like a chore. The game doesn't want you to win.