View Full Version : gamepad on PC right stick doing all block/hidden stance while flicking the stick up

02-18-2018, 01:59 AM
I've just got out of 1v1 practice to try to adjust controller settings to stop this from happening, but it's worse than I thought. Nobushi will randomly go into hidden stance during matches, even stopping top heavy attacks I'm doing right after I GB someone, which is great for the opponent lol. I'm using a one year old xbox elite controller on PC. At first, I thought it was the springiness of the joysticks on the elite controller causing the right stick to just barely hit the required motion to activate down direction if I flick it up really fast. I increased the deadzone to 15, which is unreasonable and causes slower block responses while fighting, but just to test. That causes the stick to require movement down to almost the half way point before the controller realizes I'm pulling the stick downward. Guess what, I could still manage to move the stick up and nobushi would do hidden stance. Not even really fast flicks required. That rules out the stick recoil crossing over into the down area because of fast upward flicks. It probably does this with other all block characters, but I only play nobushi that has a downward right stick move. It might not be a game issue, but figured I'd post about it anyway to see if anything is going on out there.

Anyone else having these issues? This is my 2nd elite controller from Costco, the first one had the rubber grips to start coming loose after a few months. I don't even see this controller on their website now, would they even be able to honor the Costco warranty again if they don't have the product listed for sale? Would they honor it anyway since I've already had it replaced?