View Full Version : Wrong Matchmaking region!

02-17-2018, 04:36 PM
I really hope the devs see this, I also posted it in reddit since season 5 launch but to no avail.

Middle East countries (UAE, Kuwait, KSA, oman etc..) were joined up in matchmaking with european countries with pings around 75-90

Since season 5 launched, my matchmaking changed from europe region to East Asia (alongside people from Vietnam and China). My ping is so high that its impossible to play. the matchmaking even takes a while to even connect.

Mind you, I dont even see red nats, I see red disconnected cables (or plugs) underneath each player's name. Its killing me that this "bug" is introduced while trying to do the event for those weapons/armors.

Really hope someone sees this from the devs and correct it.