View Full Version : Ok Ubi make more changes like the kenseis. I think it's cool

02-17-2018, 03:50 AM
I liked playing apollyon in story. Just faced a WL in test your metal. He did faked a shield uppercut into an unblockable top heavy. Feinted it but was cool af. Faced conq once and pooped myself.

Apollyon is Highlander/Warden . Every dlc char has unblockables of some form. SHAMANS AND CENTURIONS NOT ALLOWED. I like kenseis and zerk. I have played zerk to rep 10 gladiator to 8. Highlander is current main for at least 4 months rep 14... Much love Raider & WL 20.

Gladiators toe stab needs to be fixed. He's ridiculously good character without it anyway.

I would like more characters with these abilities. It will be tough balancing it because some characters attack so fast on console. With parry changes (love it) some characters get more than others. I think finding different ways to balance these two new features (kensei animations and parry) based on the current state of each character is the best way to go. I've always been a fan of the crushing encounters.

My only concern is balancing the faster attacking characters and unblockable vortex spamming chars. Don't want this crap in they have. Playing since open beta, got up to Platinum 5 in duels. I have got better against orohci and gladiator speed, ok against musha, still can't block pk for diddly. Imo they missed the mark on the aramusha buff. Shoulda done something with his kick or punch. I didn't mind his spam but he didn't need a gb heavy. HIGHLANDER RAIDER TIL I FN DIE.

So whether they speed up slow down, do more damage less damage idk haven't played an orohci yet. Idk how they feel about his tweaks but I'd rather be beaten by someone who out think and reacts me. At a tournament some oorchi guy placed some high up using literally only his zone. Give them sick deflect stuff I don't care. But get the spamming crap out. Whatever my 2 cents.
Great update tho

02-17-2018, 04:14 AM
Fix you're game mode I shouldn't be getting revenged on in 1v 1 with a bot