View Full Version : Feedback Future AC games

02-17-2018, 03:25 AM
Soo I got the survey about what Ubisoft is planning for the Next AC.

First off, AC Origins is pretty great, but like many review, it is bloated with boring take-over objective and collect chest. My first hours into the game was really awesome, big vast emptiness desert, But then I quickly got into the more ''green and populated'' area and there small objective here and there.

What I recommend is to have less of those useless '?' on the maps. Even if it mean more empty space, and add a few more Side-quest. Looking at the RPG Flagship The Witcher 3, Even the small quest can play a role into the main quest later on. (Keira side-quest for example.) An the 'kill animal' could follow the hunt monster quest way of TW3.

That's all, I thing that's the ajor issue I have with Origin (Or any other AC in this regard). I don't really like doing a hundred capture the little camp and collect the treasure. They bring nothing to the world itself and the story.
Side-note, Papyrus treasure search is nice. Those are small objective that promote world exploration without being excessively boring.