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02-16-2018, 06:10 PM
Many old casts still needs to be buffed. they are currently either trash tier or so. Speaking from PC perspective

Valk - Weakest hero right now, slow *** heavy that deals 25 dmg, no guaranteed sweep and too risky to pull off. needs 2 light to do a sweep is just a bad. will not work vs any exp players. can't open up turtle even though she has shield bash, as it doesn't guaranteed any dmg

Although the unsafe on dash is removed she is still the worst character in game no doubt.

Aramusha - Can't open up anyone, cant use kick from neutral and heavily relies on all block which is too risky and useless. if he can CGB he would be stronger. (He can still get hit by a light after all block animation). needs a move to open up turtle

Kensei - The Buff is good, hes not trash tier hes most like A. However the heavy start up from top is too slow. If you try to use Heavy, cancel and try to go for guardbreak. All Opponents heavies will go through. yes i mean this. they will 100% go through you and your guardbreak will not connect. So basically Kensei can't feint it into GB no more except the second heavy. Easy way to fix this is to make his top heavy faster or just let him softfeint into GB like his second heavy

Warden - people can walk out when they are out of stamina and avoid all ur shoulder bashes, except shugoki and highlander. but its just dumb how people can abuse it. Warden is decent after no more free gb on zone he just need a bit turning and buff.

Orochi - he has some of the worst kit, good zone and top light that it. now his light deals little to no dmg compared to Shino - 24, Warden- 24, 25 Cent, 25 Ara, lets not talk about shaman since she has insane kit. Riptide strike needs to be removed or feintable/ faster. its the most useless move in game. storm rush needs to be feintable (would not be op)

Lawbringer - has a huge big amount of bad matchups, he needs some love for sure. and is in need of buffin. hes very weak vs assassins if they have dodge attack, since he can only rely on shove > light which is pathetic

Shugoki - Weak, can't open up anyone. the 20% increase dmg while armor is down is just dumb and encourage turtle play. he can only lights then headbutt rinse and repeat. this will not work vs exp player. his charge up heavy into gb is too slow. so everyone can just roll out of it and he can't do anything.

Warlord - hes in a sorry state compared to Conqueror, he should be one of the last to buff. His lights dmg should be buffed back

PK- PK needs a slight buff in her dagger cancel into stab. Shaman has 3 directions and she can bite for 50-60 dmg. and PK can only cancel into left direction and she can't bite! so just allow her to cancel dagger bleed into 3 directions and she will be fine. she doesn't need any other buff

All non reflect guard characters especially heavies - After Glad uses a light and use toe stab, as Warlord, Lawbringer, Warden, Kensei, Shugoki etc cannot get out of it and the stab is pretty much guaranteed, due to a 100 ms delay in guard switch

02-16-2018, 07:52 PM
Thanks for sharing your feedback and suggestions, Moniak.-Defray-!

Right now, our focus is updating the original 12 heroes to bring them more in line with the rest of the heroes. We don't have much info on who we'll be looking to update next, but as that info becomes available, we'll let players know!