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What goes on in the underbelly of Ganesha City? Head over to the Space Monkey Program Blog (http://ubi.li/4gbwg) and discuss!


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No dumplings. I am shocked.

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Yay another blog entry!

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That was so quick ! I haven't gotten over the last post yet, there are still so many stuff to share !
It's like having to put more in you mouth before you even finish the last bite ( but don't get me wrong its still delicious).

Also, the asian girl we saw in the red dress was refered as Li Daiyu previously (and still is in the vote part of the blog pages, on the right) but is now called Liu.
There might be a mispell somewhere.

02-16-2018, 09:37 PM
That was so quick ! I haven't gotten over the last post yet, there are still so many stuff to share !
It's like having to put more in you mouth before you even finish the last bite ( but don't get me wrong its still delicious).

Also, the asian girl we saw in the red dress was refered as Li Daiyu previously (and still is in the vote part of the blog pages, on the right) but is now called Liu.
There might be a mispell somewhere.

Thank you for pointing that out, atubaboun! I'll get to the bottom of this.

02-16-2018, 09:56 PM
Wait, what if it's intentional? The trailer, by many (myself included), seen similarities between it and The Fifth Element (highly recommend to people who haven't seen it yet, and like Bruce Willis, Milla Jovavich, Gary Oldman and more) So Li Liu could be an intentional 5th Element reference. Also, the asian girl could have a twin. Usually in gangster movies/video games, with some asian King Pin, has asian twins with him. So the twins could be Li and Liu...

02-17-2018, 07:39 AM
Why I go to a city ...

Well at first and foremost is visiting landmarks. Places within the city to view and to see and get my coordination of the city layout and it's scale. Perhaps take a form of transport bus/train something touristy. To simply bask in the glory of the city. Maybe even get scammed, by a petty thief buying something totally useless from them a bracelett they make on the spot, where I am paying an overpriced rate for. Taking pictures of these places.

Business is anotehr big aspect visiting a city trying to broker a deal. Perhaps have some pleasure on the way there. Rent a ****** at night, perhaps an escort to accompany me to the deal and have pleasure afterwards, or even throw her infront of me when the deal goes sour (in case it's a shady deal)
- perhaps a spy mission, where I am hired to catch a husband cheating on his wife, taking pictures being a bit of a detective for her. Gathering evidence, small big for many things and many jobs.
- perhaps try and bribe someone taking them to a casino. Or luring them out of their den in a cafe. And then have another friends of mine steal something in the vault.
- I like the art of seduction and sexual influence. I think there is alot of unexplored territory there. Being able to ***** yourself out to get things done. Perhaps even work (partime) at a brothel, and gather information from the clients there. And perhaps advance in my career.
- Finding hidden rooms, where deals are made, perhaps one time a week a certain group of mafia people get together in a hidden room in a small casino where they do a bit of poker.
- Being able to steal objects from museums, perhaps by scouting in advance. Taking pictures of gaurd rotations, cameras being able to plan my own break in. I like the idea of being able to scout things out, people, objects and use them as leverage, or steal it. And that includes information. I think timing is very important as to when things happen. NPC's should have some regular shedules, but also deviate from the ordinary.
- Perhaps even break into a police building, or security, and tab the phone/camera system. To perhaps start a file on a certain target. Extorting people for information might also be very interesting. I can see myself trying to find a high value target, and discover them secretly seeing a ****** at a hotel. That way it won't be an obvious location. And the ******/high value target might otherwise never be caught cause they do not go to the normal brothel.
- Another thing that might be interesting is to see interaction between the NPCs, when a "player" is to close they might not talk. But if the player is observing them from a distance with a camera in a building and zoom in on the targets , and not player char is near them, they might share information, or one gives the other a piece of paper, with details of a hidden deal or object.
- I like to be able to visit shops that are in general only show normal goods. But if you know the owner well he might close the shop and sell under the counter goods like weapons, or perhaps presses a button opening a closer of drugs to buy.

Another important thing for me is consequences. Killing an NPC should be possible, but leaving the body in the streets might start an investigation, ofcourse if there is no evidence or withness, they might simply never solve it. But I think a police "investigation" should always start. There should be a system that checks a few parameters to check if they can figure out it's me. Like where there withnesses, was there any specific item used, did I sleep with that NPC was there DNA, was I caught on a camera. Where if any of these met they might lead to me. If not the crime is unsolved and closed case. So perhaps selling and bringing the body with you to scrap for parts is better.

- I enjoy meeting interesting people talking to them, and getting to know them and learning about their background and what they do in the city.
- I would enjoy doing small jobs. Maybe even follow a career.
- Being able to buy my own place, able to give any NPC money, to help them. Which some might help me in turn, at that time or later on. They should remember good deeds.
- I usually visit a city to meet a girlfriend/boyfriend of mine, perhaps I have one in every city or even mutliple in one city. I should be able to do that with any NPC that I choose. But might take effort to woo them. Before you go "steady". At which point they change and get new options to assist you as a lover. Perhaps they would be inclined to bail you out of jail. Or go with you to somewhere. But ofcourse you would have to maintain this love interest. Otherwise they might date someone else. If you forget about them.

- I love the idea of observing things, maybe trying to find a certain plant that grows in the city. Maybe it's causing a disease to certain people. It might be a fungus. Being able to identify small details in the city, like certain lil animals and the plants they eat, or just a a flower hanging on a balcony. Might eventually lead to me knowing what plant I am searching for that is making everyone ill. Might even spread around the city.
- Being able to just sit and observe what happens in a certain location. perhaps a bench in a park, a balcony of a hotel, a busstop in a busy street.
- I really enjoy exploring alleyways and dark places. Maybe dive into a dumpster and discover parts of a hybid in it. Maybe by his tatoo's or features might be able to solve the crime.
- I also like the idea of taking someone hostage, using them for information. Or just stop a certain thing in a factory from happening cause I taken the boss of there or some scientist.
- Find a lab where they experiment on hybrids. And dismantle that.
- Being able to rob a bank with crew mates. But that might be difficult, takes planning, and time to open the safe, and dangerous cause personnel might immediately call the cops. If you haven't scouted a secret backdoor in the cellar, you might be stuck having to fight your way out.

- I like to shop, clothes can be very important, black underground markets to visit. Which might be legal or illegal depending if cops are near.
- Able to find shelter for my ship within the city. Perhaps by purchasing property. I like the idea of buying a lot of property business/housing.
- I like the idea of entering via airducts, sewer systems. Dug tunnels, or natural cave. Smuggling routes. to get past checkpoints.
- I like the idea of selling slaves, which ever kind and trading in them. But also sneak them into the city to where one can sell such slaves. Depending on the type of slave, miner, sexslave, lackey w/e.
- Perhaps just abduct boys/girls and sell them as slaves, maybe even train them into a certain type of slave. I like the idea of being able to train them to what I think they should be the type of slave, and perhaps acquire places where there slaves are trained. Or perhaps you bring them to someone that trains them for you, and later on you have to sneak them to an auction. Maybe even across the system3. Might even be interested to get like a daughter of a high level political person kidnap her, train her to be a sexslave in a brothel of her uncle across on another planet where she has to work her way up to get near her uncle. While maybe you train her to be a killer sexslave to kill the uncle when she is near him and steal something valuable. (cause she doesn't like her dad either or her uncle, and is happy to be kidnapped. Where after you can recruit her as crew mate that does a variety of sexual assuault missions. (ofcourse I would like a way more indept story line behind her training and getting to her uncle and perhaps take her missings to teach her how to kill her uncle, perhaps when she is working at the uncles brother you have to visit her from time to time, to get her things she needs to complete her mission, by killing her uncle, I like indept long story plots, that aren't like do a and b, done.) Thinking she should be drop dead gorgeous and noone expects her to be a killer.
- I like the idea of hacking into computers and steal information. Or perhaps stumble onto information that is unexpected.
- Perhaps they come to a city to attend a funeral or wedding (or maybe your own, see girlfriend/boyfriend part I written above :P)
- I like the idea of a festival/parade, speeches by valuable target, which you can attend or photographs. Perhaps the mayor of the city gives a weekly propaganda speech.
- Perhaps come to the city to participate in a "majong" type of game, which might give you information on things. Or if you have the "pink lotus tlle" gets you access to an underground rebel faction that is against the current political agenda. Or just part of a guild of thieves that give you specific missions to steal things around the city.
- I like the idea of being able to bribe some homeless hybrid on the street, bring him/her to a tailer, have them dress up for a specific occasion, and send them to do something for you, which most likely will end with them getting killed or scapped, but you can do something then that otherwise wouldn't be availeble. Perhaps they lure someone out of the house. Or they make noise at a gaurdpost. Or they steal something and get caught.
- I like the idea of an exotic pet trade within the city.
- I like the idea of a lawless places within the city, but also very governed areas.
- I like the idea of finding blueprints and then being able to customize my ship further. But these blueprints should be very well hidden. Maybe they are just hidden within a small appartment in a appartmentflat type of building. And its cluttered like someone hasn't lived there or hoarded tons and tons of stuff.
- I like to see but this is prolly a pipedream that npc's run away when police start shooting at me or duck for cover.
- I like the idea of leaving a mark/grafiti on places. Perhaps covering propaganda that I found.
- I like the idea of freeing slaves. I can imagine a lot of plotlines there. Perhaps going to a mining facilty and free someone on a transport to a mining colony. Or perhaps after sleeping with a ****** in a brothel, after x ammounts of times, she opens up and explains she is not there out of her freewill, and you can choose to help her/him.

- Then there is the whole parts of the ship, materials you need to acquire. Be it stealing from a garage where they have the part, or getting it manufactured there for cost. In other-words option to steal it or buy it.
- I like to see like hotspots, where during the day for example many people gather in a busy working street. While perhaps the night time area is most or less closed. Though I guess that would be a challange cause how do you control time, so that you have enough time to complete "night" missions. Without actually doing it via a 24 hour clock.
Maybe control the time, thought that be pretty difficult in multiplayer I guess. Though I do think I like the idea of time passing faster/shorter when traveling certain distances in space. Cause traveling at a certain speed away from earth might reflect the actual time that has passed on earth relative to your own. Since we can leave the planet.

02-18-2018, 09:00 PM
thinking more about this ...

- I would be very much interested in being able to plant evidence. Perhaps I stole something somewhere and plant it on certain persons, or their houses, and either report it, or wait till they are captured by perhaps checkpoints. Then you might be able to access their house, or go to the prison and steal their table drawer key from the evidence locker. To get something from their desk. Or perhaps you can get yourself captured aswell and cozy up to that person. Maybe free them and help them escape, and become a fellow crew member, or use them to do a job after the escape. Or use them to get information from a prisoner they are familiar with, who otherwise wouldn’t talk to you. Or perhaps you break out to get them to do something for you. I could imagine these prisons/jails in many varieties, such as a local prison cell in a police office, or a prison with many hybrids, or slave mining pits. Perhaps depending where you get them in trouble or what you get them in trouble for, could get them send to a specific prison/jail. Or you could just visit them in jail, and offer them to bail them out, or just chat to them cause you know where they are. Perhaps there is a timer, how long one is in jail (depending on the serverity of the crime)
- wildlife such as taking pictures of local insects, beasts, plants, organic material, hybrids, simply to keep a codex and collect all of them. Maybe you learn about usefull properties to make certain objects. Maybe some kind of fish that swims in a fountain that most people will rarely see.
- Perhaps slave transport/prisoner transport, where you could hijack, or help the slaves who are being transport escape. And perhaps set them free or have them join your crew, or sell them yourself.
- maybe there could be tatoo shops, where you can cosmetically add a tatoo, but on the darker side, where you could have slaves engraved with a mark that they belong to you. Or even have the marks removed/covered up from a previous owner. Perhaps them having your tatoo/mark could get you in trouble for things they might do.
- I would like to see places where the streets are covered on top with bars, so that big ships/fighters cannot go into certain area’s being blocked off by this, Maybe capture nets when the police is in the process of chasing you. Where they hang certain nets between buildings to try and capture you flying in it. Specially if you in tight spots, perhaps cause the overhang of the street doesn’t allow you to fly up. This way you might have parts of the city that are only accessable on foot or scooter. Maybe this is something that only a few cities have.


- I like to be able to have landing spots, on perhaps certain roofs of buildings. Where you could land a smaller vessel. Or docking stations for the larger ones. Kinda of like a space-port. This could lead to interesting warehouses and cargo areas. Perhaps some of these docks in certain pirate friendly cities you can visit and dock, but others you would be captured and what not if trying to enter.
- I like the idea of a monorail/train that run constantly and scheduled. Maybe it has like many “metro/subway/tube” stations where you might have to wait 30 seconds for a train to arrive so you can board and travel the city. Good public infrastructure is something I rarely have seen in any game. Might make for very interesting plotlines. Cause while you might be able to fly/walk these trains can rapidly transport you out of places if you can board them when the police is chasing you. Or perhaps there are checkpoints on the train you have to pass safely so you cannot bring weapons in a certain area for example. I think doing public transport right and having npcs interact with that system is rather challanging but very important to a feel of the city.
- The whole transport being alive is important flying cars, flying ships, people walking, taxi’s there are all aspects I think is what makes a city a city. Even something as simply as electrical, or drainage infrastructure is important.
- Another thing I might see as something interesting are “safehouses”, you might not know of these at the start of the game, but eventually when you learn and get to trust certain people, they might offer their house as a safehouse, maybe they have a hidden tunnel in it. Or a bookshelf you can go into. Things to shake of the police and law. These might be all over the city, but depending who you friend might change to which ones you have access.
- Perhaps there is an option to get your own “batcave” within the city or on the outskits. Where you can run missions out, or store vehicles. And again maybe get access to the city via some hidden tunnels to key locations. These “batcaves” could take on totally different forms, per city. And there might be a questline you have to complete in order to unlock or even find these places, and then dress them up. Different forms I am thinking of are like one ciy the entrance is a storage garage door where you fly in an elevator takes you and the ship down. Or another is a hidden cave where you can open a hidden wall door to fly into it. Another might be a sewer grate that opens up and lets you have a sewer batcave. Another might be you flying into a lake. Another might be a crator that opens up. Perhaps another one is simply a open space/street withen the city where you can land and it opens up the street.

- I am intersted in clothing. Perhaps a good selection of armor stores, general clothing stores, and lingerie shops, where you can dress up yourself, or crew or captures slaves. Though I like to see some functionality with this. While it’s a dressup feature. Perhaps you might have to dress up a slave in a pink jarretel outfit, cause that’s what the client she/he going to see wants. Or you dress up yourself in a local bikers outfit to fit in and be able to visit a certain area. Or dress up knoxx in drag so he can perform on a stage in a theater, whille you do your dirty business with the clients in a booth. Clothes should even negatively impact things. Like maybe some people dislike your punk look, or your police outfit.
- I like the idea of cuisine, being able to eat in restaurants, perhaps take pictures of your meal, and share the likes of your food. Maybe some hybrids like a certain kind of food and find it interesting that you eat that. Perhaps you keep a culinairy diary. And maybe learn what certain hybrids like to eat. And that might tell you where you can find these hybrids. Cause they like to visit those places.
- I really love solving puzzles. Solving intricate riddles, perhaps via a codex where you record certain finds. For example perhaps there are certain posters aroudn the city, and you could either hunt them down, or take pictures of them and they store in a journal. And if you find all 40 posters, you might be able to figure out where a hidden person or something is. Or you might be able to find some kind of clue like say a partial note, that leads to another partial note, that leads to some puzzle in a temple.
- I would like to visit “hidden” or “not obvious” temples in the city.
- I really like exploring large dungeons/houses/events like for example a hospital where one could really explore maze like layout of it. With perhaps a more “hidden” celler where less relevant medical things are tested, but rather experimenting with hybrids. While no-one visiting the normal hospital would have been known about.
- I might really enjoy street racing, something to chase might even be on foot.
- I would love to see some kind of combat arena. Perhaps like a colusseum where hybrids fight and try to survive. While perhaps a giant worm or beast is attacking them. Might even be cool to eventually end up in there and having to fight the beast yourself. Maybe with the right knowledge one could fight it easily.

- I could also imagine like underground cagefight stages. That it be very cool to visit maybe bet on, participate. Send crew members in, or perhaps slaves to fight for you. And whoever looses gets cut up into tiny pieces or scrapped for parts.

02-19-2018, 03:49 AM
Something I forgot ...

I would love to see languages, perhaps some hybrids only speak a certain language or they speak different languages on planets. Perhaps some hybrids talk with accents from those languages. Maybe you can "study" such language, and eventually decipher it and then hear it in english (if playing the english version of the game). I think this might add a layer of depth.

02-19-2018, 12:22 PM
Something I forgot ...

I would love to see languages, perhaps some hybrids only speak a certain language or they speak different languages on planets. Perhaps some hybrids talk with accents from those languages. Maybe you can "study" such language, and eventually decipher it and then hear it in english (if playing the english version of the game). I think this might add a layer of depth.

Use that AI you will hopefully have. I agree^^ Put the computer to some good use :)

02-19-2018, 04:16 PM
Honestly, I don't know what to add to the subject, there's just so much possibilities for why people would come to the underbelly that nothing comes to me :/

But there is one thing that i posted in a comment on the previous blog post that i would like to see in the game and that could fit well in hte underbelly, it was about bars & pubs, and giving people a reason to come:
" about that bar part. what if the thing making you come back every other day is an activity that only this bar has ? It could be a mini game like air hockey with rufus or just regular poker, or placing bets on sports of all sorts, with rewards that periodically change so that you still have a reason to come back after winning one time, like cusomisation options or parts for your ship that some guy would've placed as bet. "

Now that i think of it, getting wasted and waking up in a randomly generated situation that could start a quest or trigger something in the game could be good too

02-19-2018, 06:42 PM
Also, the asian girl we saw in the red dress was refered as Li Daiyu previously (and still is in the vote part of the blog pages, on the right) but is now called Liu.
There might be a mispell somewhere.

They're gaslight-ing us!!! :p

02-20-2018, 03:42 AM
What I want to see in this game is not just every day NPCs I want to see unique individuals that act differently, like if one NPC is a different race than a other one they could either like them or hate them. I want each and every NPC to act different and be different but I will have to wait and see. But I do hope you see this.

02-20-2018, 03:29 PM
Also, the asian girl we saw in the red dress was refered as Li Daiyu previously (and still is in the vote part of the blog pages, on the right) but is now called Liu.
There might be a mispell somewhere.

You were right, Atubaboun! We corrected the spelling in the article. You get two virtual Starkos for your observation!

02-20-2018, 08:58 PM
They could come there to get some rare upgrades, the underworld could be the place for priceless artefacts/treasure in each world. Species could come and use these things to their advantage to gain power/fortune.

02-20-2018, 09:27 PM
You were right, Atubaboun! We corrected the spelling in the article. You get two virtual Starkos for your observation!

Glad i could help.

02-21-2018, 06:17 AM
You were right, Atubaboun! We corrected the spelling in the article. You get two virtual Starkos for your observation!

Well, there goes my twin theory T-T

02-22-2018, 11:02 PM
Hey, I know you guys are making a great world, but please also focus on core story and and non-repetitive side quests. That's always my gripe about Ubi games, great worlds, characters, and technology but always the grindy nature of the games that could be done better. Looking forward to the developments on this game!

04-13-2018, 07:28 PM
Imagine a futuristic city with a melting pot of cultures in the slums, and put "space" in front of it, as they do with all things ;)

I think there is a lot of to expect from a huge city to explore, especially in the depths where all manner of folks gather. I imagine there to be:

Bars/Pubs/Street Food
Shops/Traders/Underground Auction Houses
Market Streets
Crowded Walkways/Many Many Back Alleys
and More...

Now imagine a scene: You're riding your [I]space[I] Tuk-Tuk down a crowded street, and you see a hybrid bounty hunter chasing down a fugitive hybrid on-the-run. This is just a random occurrence, or maybe a side-quest. You can choose if you want to ignore it, help chase down the fugitive, or help the fugitive by taking out the hunter. Then replace that with any random hustle and bustle, and you've got a few cool ideas to really bring the depths of Ganesha to life.

06-11-2018, 08:39 PM
In the depths of ganesh city there could be a sistem of tunnels with puzzles and filled with dangerous mutants.
The tunnels would be so maze-like, that you need to complete a mission that will give you a map and some sort of artefact, to reach the core chamber.
Here there would be an alien built mechanism that once activated, would protect the city from a alien sky attack.

06-15-2019, 01:57 AM
I feel that every game such as this should include relationships, from making friends with your crew members by drinking and gambling to celebrate a successful pirating job and to enjoy or blow some of the booty. Id also like for there to be relationships such as going out on dates, such as you meet someone at the bar and you offer to buy them a drink and see where it goes from there, like it could go well and you could further increase the relationship by going on dates and the relationship would go to dating and going steady to committed, or it could go wrong and the person already has someone and they could throw the drink in your face or their someone comes up wanting to fight cause you were hitting on their women/man and get into a street fight or better it could turn into a bar fight or even better if you were with a few of your crew mates they could pull their guns on them for disrespecting their captain and you can choose what happens. Also I hope they include both sexes in crew members, so it would be possible to romance one of your choosing and make them your first mate so to say.

11-06-2019, 10:03 PM
there should be different types of multicultural restaurants captains can eat at or maybe even own

11-06-2019, 10:04 PM
ps: and bars