View Full Version : Improved matchmaking b*#ll#@K# EVEN WORSE if possible HAD ENOUGH deleting game

02-16-2018, 05:41 AM
Never thought matchmaking could get worse ,awaited since launch to improve now its my level 1 jus started using 2 bots rep 2 against reps 30,16,8 and 3 you are trying to tell me even matched LOW skill levels on those reps , had several games EACH same it was 1000 to 200 at best so one sided it was a joke.HAD ENOUGH ,how can you POSSIBLY expect to encourage new players to game OR get existing ones to try out new hero's , im DEF deleting game ,CANT figure how to use my vast salvage for xp either very unclear got 300k plus getting higher no way to use i can see .Many my friends left game due to matchmaking/error codes ,i been here since day 1 LOYAL up to now BUT you can only take so much , ALL season pass characters STILL way too good from starting ones ,STILL no improvements to combat bomb freaks either so matches depending solely who's got bomb left ,fighting in between irrelevant no matter what hero your using . Ubi listened to 1'000's players complaining of this DID NOTHING.

02-16-2018, 08:33 AM
Uhm, do you know that the new matchmaking will go online with the dedicated servers? So, actually, it is the old matchmaking. And btw the Rep is not super important, the MMR is.

02-16-2018, 09:00 AM
It was allegedly improved with servers according to Ubi, i dont know WHY you cant choose hero FIRST then matchmade accordingly that seems far more logical to get PROPER matches, rep is NOT mayb as important as mmr BUT a high repped charactered player DOES show hes experienced with that hero at least ,where as you MAY have experience d player with SOME of the hero's but not all of them ,WHY should you be punished for trying out someone new ,just because you got couple ranked up , they'll NEVER it seems get matchmaking right IF they stick with ithe backward formula they got, you WONT get lightweight boxer jumping into ring not knowing if get Mike Tyson, lol, its common sense. Besides fact if the over the top feats aren't sorted ALL the fighting side will be irrelevant .