View Full Version : Memory leak.

02-16-2018, 02:47 AM
Okay, I'm simply mad at this point. I had this problem since season 4 started, I tried like...a lot of solutions and suggestions. Nothing helped. So...you know. Just saying that the game is literally unplayable after 1-2 matche and i'm really, really tired of it.

02-17-2018, 12:45 AM
I have started playing with the season update and wanted to get back into For Honor. Sadly I'm plagued by the mentioned memory leak (and it's a big leak) aswell as lots of crashes after two or three matches. A friend of mine is also experiencing the same issues and I have no idea what causes them.
The weird thing is, that the Task Manager shows For Honor using around 2GB of RAM being used, but the RAM usage increasing until almost maxed out.

System Specs:
i7 3770k 3,5GHz
GTX 1080
Win7 64Bit
ASUS Maximus Gene V motherboard