View Full Version : So why do people want Desmond brought back to life?

02-15-2018, 04:14 PM
I know that people liked him but bringing him back to life wouldn't that make his sacrifice not... Well kibd of useless and yes I am aware of the hole Desmond is still alive theory's and with Juno but to be honest... Desmond has been dead for like I don't know since 2012 and even if he came back what is he supposed to do anyway? no I mean like really what can he do? Ubisoft will focus less on story and lore they aid that and the newer games are proof of that, in AC4 we mostly play a pirate. In Unity Arno hardly cared about anything what was Assassin's related and followed Elise like a dog, AC Syndicate made fun of basicly anything lore related and you become in Origins an Assassin at the end which doesn't change **** in the open world and that was because they didn't want new comers to be confused on the lore... Look from a bussines perspective I understand but I am 100% most atleast played one or three before that.
And because the games are so historical stand alone adventures now I can just imagen the backslash if Desmond got back because no obe wants to play 5 or 6 games to understand a storyline.
Yeah sure that is one reason, but Ubisoft could do way better than this and take some risks in storytelling.
Or do people want Desmond back so they believe everything will be the same a back in the first 5/6 years because believe me people... That won't happen.