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02-14-2018, 09:00 PM
Hello everyone,
I am normally kinda lazy and since my game time is my time off I just wanna relax and have a good time with people online, I don't normally take the time to sign up log in type etc etc... but this I thought was worth my free time... here is what has been happening.

I guess also because I chose a dark skin for my char (PS not that it matters but I am actually white btw), you know so that my char is like black paint to look more ninja/shadow etc..., I have been noticing a lot of racism in For Honor... several times ppl have said stuff like "F word N word" yeah... bunch of losers but that gave me a bit of an insight of how it must be for other people that are not born with a white skin like me... this is really stupid and what I wanted to focus on today... and honestly I am hoping for at least a lifetime ban... is the content of the screenshot I am posting here... check it out...
[link removed]

So what happened... game search in duel, an opponent named [username removed] comes up and bam... Nazi flag... and I type: Nazi sign???
He replies no i'm indian etc etc this is religious etc etc (which is a true fact btw) ... but he had red band on the top, central white band with swastika, and red band at the bottom... that is kinda like really Nazi... anyway I gave him the benefit of the doubt and I played with him... right after I defeated him... he went crazy and typed some totally idiotic lines referring to jews and the N word as can be seen in the screenshot linked above...

Now my question is... is Ubisfot ok with this? Or is some action going to be taken against this bigotry and stupidity?
I fear that these sort of people, if not dealt with, will feel at home on these servers, start nesting here with their hate and normal human beings will end up leaving... end result... For Honour could become For Hitler...

Tundra 793
02-14-2018, 09:10 PM
Displaying Nazi imagery, and using offensive language is absolutely against Ubisofts TOS, and there is always consequences for getting caught using either. We're all encouraged to use the in-game report function (which will receive a buff soon), to alert the developers to players who break the TOS with these things.

You're exaggerating near the end though; These types of people are always a vast minority, they're not taking over anything, they won't grow in numbers, all they're doing by displaying Nazi symbols is basically wearing a T-shirt with "I'm with stupid" and the arrow pointing towards themselves.
Just report, and move on.

The key difference to note between a Nazi swastika, and actual Hindu imagery, is a Swastika will typically be tilted 45 degrees to the left, often accompanied by red/black/white colors and racial slurs.
In a Hindu context, the swastika isn't tilted, appears parralel to itself, and could be in any variety of colors, and won't be followed by racial slurs.

02-14-2018, 09:28 PM
We've taken a very strict stance against that kind of behavior in-game and those sort of offensive symbols. It is not condoned and is strictly against our Code of Conduct (https://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1571524-Code-of-Conduct). Starting tomorrow, we will actually have much stricter punishments in regards to our Code of Conduct and will be rolling at a more extensive reporting feature to better enable the community to make us aware of various, prohibited behaviors occurring in-game.

I will personally ensure that the evidence you submitted in this thread is given to our support team to look into. In the future however, we insist that you send reports of this behavior directly to our support team instead of posting it on the forums. The last thing we want is a witchhunt against the player in question, even if they did breach our Code of Conduct. Because this can be a rather inflammatory subject in the community, we'll be closing this thread now.