View Full Version : For Honor on Xbox vs PC

02-13-2018, 08:21 PM
So I played FH on my sons Xbox today and wow! It was a much better experience. Of course the syncing and disconnect issues are the same but I was actually placed with players around my rep (which is 0 on Xbox, 5 on PC) and was more competitive. It was fun as hell. Earlier this morning I played Dominion on my pc and I was playing against players with rep over 100 or not far from it. Pffft, please. As a casual player I donít stand a chance against players that experienced and geared. Thatís probably the pcís biggest issue player base wise or one of the top issues. Unbalanced games where new and casual players get destroyed so they leave the game discouraged and donít come back.

I am assuming that because the player base is so low on pc placing players in games with comparable rep is not an option?