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02-13-2018, 04:14 PM
Hi there,

The Rainbow Six Invitational starts today and we have an action-packed week ahead! Fans, professional players, content creators and developers will get together once more to celebrate their passion for Rainbow Six.

Get ready for 6 days of non-stop action: 16 international teams will come to Montreal, but only one will leave with the World Champion title!

We made sure that you would not miss anything during those days of intense eSports action by adding new Rainbow Six content to Sam, so our gaming assistant could remain a helpful resource to you. :D

Here’s what you can already ask Sam about the Rainbow Six Invitational:


What are all the Invitational teams?
Is [Team name] playing at the iInvitational?


When is the Six 2018 Invitational?
What is the Six Invitational schedule?
When is the next Invitational match
When is the Invitational quarter-final/semifinal/final?

Latest Results

Who won the last Invitational match?
What are the latest Invitational results?
Who won the Invitational quarter-final/semifinal/final?

Official Twitch Channel

Where can I see the Invitational matches?
What's the Invitational's Twitch?
Give me Rainbow Six Invitational Twitch channel!