View Full Version : Stuck @ 49 - Seeking Input

02-12-2018, 09:08 PM
Can i please get a little input from the community? I have a few different decks, but this one got me to level 49 and I seem to be stuck there :( Many times due to hackers; but not always. Any advice is well received, thanks!!!

5 - Mimsy
4 - Purify
4 - Energy Staff
3 - Choirboy Butters
3 - Arrowstorm
4 - Lightning Bolt
1 - The Master Ninjew
3 - Dogpoo
3 - Hookhand Clyde
3 - Hermes Kenny
4 - Calamity Heidi
4 - Nathan

02-12-2018, 09:11 PM
The main idea behind this deck is start with the staff, wait until energy is almost full again, cast mimsy, wait for the low HP cards to get casted, hit with Arrowstorm, then use Ninjew to have Mimsy hitting with 107 dmg.

02-13-2018, 12:48 AM
Mimsy is the worst card you can possibly use and is complete trash.

Mimsy is considered one of the worst cards in the game and using him in top tier results in a garanteed game over.

Better head hunters are, starvin marvin and doughy.

Both these cards give very good combination effects ...
For example paladin butters starvin marvin... doughy
Program stan .. starvin ... doughy...
So many possibilities.
Mimsy is complete trash because he is to slow and to easy to form any sort of push.

Also mimsy is the worst card.. officer barbrady is way better as he explodes and deals high damage.

But generally these cards are trash and not used in high tier except for ... starvin marvin and sometimes doughy in combination with stans or other combos...

02-13-2018, 12:56 AM
2 other very bad cards you have are choirboy butters and hermes kenny.
Choirboy is very quickly outclassed by any other assasin... he also has no combo possibilty like paladin butters or for example princess kenny who have way better skills..
Or even ike who will always hit him and kill him because he is the fastest of the assasins.

Choirboy only gives around 0,25 energy making him irrelevant and one of the worst assasins appart from inuit kenny.

For hermes kenny its the same... very weak and to expensive.
Better changed by any other assasin with combo possibility.

The best assasins are generally .. palladin butters, ike, princess kenny, ..
All the ones with the great effects.

Those effects are very deadly in the right hands with the right combo.

For example if you put mimsy i can put princess kenny and paladin butters or any other combo to quickly kill him and make troops totally useles (kenny) or my newkid protected from damage (paladin butters).

You cant do that with mimsy he is to slow and gives to much potential to build a push.

With doughy and paladin butters I have often lost a full bar.
With a level 5 mimsy... no never...
I also run cockmagick so thats a big no.

02-13-2018, 01:00 AM
Some great combos for ninjew are... rats... mephesto... pigeons starvin marvin.

Many possibilities... just not mimsy he is not a good idea.