View Full Version : how do you want to fight in system 3 ?

02-12-2018, 07:29 PM
I'm not asking about space battle here, but rather about combat from the perspective of your character.

In BGE1, Jade (=we) fought with a dai-jo and an mdisk launcher, Pey'J with Barranco D53 wrench + his jet boots, and double H with a two handed hammer + his helmet.
The Alpla section had hammers too, but had shields as well, and sometimes used grenades and laser-guns.

In what we've seen from BGE2, Knox has a gun, zhou yuzu's men have rifles, and some rhino sapiens has a wrench on the Gada.

My question: How do you want to fight in system 3, more with melee or with range weapons ?

Personaly i think there will be balance between middle range and melee combat, but that there wont be unlimited ammo for range weapons like Jade's Mdisks.
Having a limited amount of weapon in your inventory at a time could ne good, with limited ammo also taking a little space. And stronger, bigger weapons ( or with more capacity for ammo) would take more place in you inventory.
Like, you could take a huge boarding axe and a simple pistol, or a machine gun and a knife.
You'd have to choose which weapons to get along the game to build up your arsenal to what suits you.

Personaly I'd find myself a hammer and shield if i could, and then take a hand gun in case my targets are too far to reach. either that or some heavy guns and a trusty wrench.

02-12-2018, 09:59 PM
I would like to see how weapons and hybrids interact together.

For example rhinos and elephants are strong so they should be able to use heavy weapons other hybrids can’t even lift up.
Bird hybrids like an eagle or hawk should get an insane boost on range when using guns or any other distance weapon in fact of their brilliant eyes.

I could also imagine that you will be able to assign weapons to your crewmembers. For example if you find some gun you can’t use because you have a lack of experience with this kind of weapon. It should be possible to give the gun to someone who can use it. I could also imagine crew members who would not take any new weapons because of their character or their memories they share with their old weapons. Even if the new ones are better.

02-13-2018, 12:57 AM
I've read that Michel Ancel mentioned that there will be RPG elements to the game.
So upgradable/Mod-able weapons would be cool. Especially if it was in the same way as Assassins Creed Origins. I love the fact that i could keep the same Sword/Shield/Bow throughout the whole game and it not become obsolete.
As long as we can still do a backflip kick to the head like Jade I'll be happy.

02-13-2018, 02:38 AM
Depends on my character.

Reptile and feline would have a dai-jo and if possible, a bow or hand to hand. With a monk style.

Dog and shark would have rifles or sub machine guns. I'd style them as punks or gangsters.

Bovine and rhino would have heavy weapons, like hammers or wrenches. Mechanics or blacksmiths.

02-13-2018, 08:22 PM
Definitively something similar to Ratchet & Clank series, I like the variety of weapons and nothing too deep since, I believe the focus should be storytelling. Perhaps if there is time they could add customization similar to what we watched in vehicle at SMR#1.
I really love crafting but I think create a solid crafting system might take a lot of time, I prefer they use that time, money and effort on storytelling and meaningful quests, places, people, since that's the core of BGE1: combat its just a tool to discover what's going on and not an end for itself.

02-17-2018, 03:42 AM
I would use a sword 🗡

02-22-2018, 04:33 PM
I'd like it to be based on skill an gear rather than on capacities that you would get by leveling up.
Like the things that would limit your efficiency would be your experience as a player and a charachter with a certain weapon and its stats and yours .

I wouldn't mind i there were a few "press button to do thing" in the combat system but wouldn't be based on them. and they could vary with gear too.

02-22-2018, 09:38 PM
I doubt we will have much ranged battle here.
If Michel stays true to what has been said (carry over gameplay) combat should be rather simple but good as BGE1 had.
Due to that I think we will wield one main melee weapon and something like the disk launcher. I doubt there will be much guns outside of the spaceships.

I would go as far as saying Knox uses a super outdated weapon. I would think we got them lasers like AlphaSection in BGE1.
A prestige weapon?

I am fine with this classic type of combat here. Everyone can handle it fine and I doubt we are in need for a overblown combo system.
My personal question here is: How will stealth be pushed in BGE2?

How would leveling effect combat if it even does? Can only wait to see that coming.

02-22-2018, 10:53 PM
How would leveling effect combat if it even does? Can only wait to see that coming.

It would improve your stats with each level, and your stats would change the amount of damage you make or you critical-damage rate.
Like, your melee weapon could deal 0.5% more damage with each strength point you have, and you'd get 1 each level.

But that's just me making assumptions, i don't actually know what would be more fun or fit.