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02-12-2018, 12:51 PM
I Imagine a game with even one fully functioning, freely explorable, solar system would require a comprehensive fast travel system.
Allow me to propose my idea for how such a system could work.

As opposed to most fast travel systems which offer a blank/loading screen along with a few hints, perhaps we could access our ship and character for upgrades while we are fast traveling.
Fast travel points would function in a similar way to assassins creed or far cry where they must be first "manually" accessed to be unlocked, however they would appear as space stations (Maybe as outer space diners, truck stops ect) and when we select to fast travel to them we are put into some kind of "Hyper space" Similar to other sci-fi franchises. This way our ship could "disappear" into the hyper dimension (also disappearing to fellow players) able to travel "as the crow flies" to their destination, all the wile able to upgrade ourselves, our crew or our ships.

If two (or more) players were joined in a crew or team they could even enter the hyper dimension together and look out of their windows to see each others ships travelling side by side.

This is just my idea, something i think would be cool. I'm super excited for this game no matter what.
Good luck to everyone involved, you guys rock.

02-12-2018, 02:19 PM
Great idea, thats also how i'd want a fast travel system to be in BGE2 !
It could even be related to quests and space tresure hunts. Imagine aquiring a map or hearing about a mysterious place that few people know about and having to search for it. Only then will you discover that the place is actually a hidden lair for pirates or a classified hybrid-parts storage for some shady organisation, ect. Then spreading the word & getting quests for going back there, because only you have the coordinates of the place so only you can "fast travel" there.

02-20-2018, 04:25 AM
I would imagine you could use a space port or a planet port nothing more just that .Please see this message.

03-14-2018, 11:05 AM
Hmm whats about the scale? fast travel is a realy good Idea but how near will it be next to the planets?
If its near like the moon is it a bit too near to say for what i should fly around and explore if i can fast travel 1 min next to my planetstation.
In Elite Dangerous you can jump with your ship only next to a Sun, the rest is Fly like a moron to the next planet.
it can take 15 mins just for traveling from one corner to the other, so some free Diners between Planets would be a good place.
Not directly next to a planet zu make fly senseless and not too far to fly like morons straight on your target destination.

This what Mass effect have isnt well for BGE2

03-14-2018, 12:02 PM
This what Mass effect have isnt well for BGE2

Thatís a nice map. I imagine something like that as an open universe would be around the scale of BGE2, or at least I hope, so would be nice to ensure exploitability while also allowing fast travel to add accessibility.

03-14-2018, 01:19 PM
you realy want the space map from MEA?
i think its have nothing to do with the scale what Michel Ancel said.
Its just a tiny map with a mig ship that travels fast through.
A big Space would be nice with longer travel times.
like Elite dangerous, but a way shorter then there