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02-12-2018, 06:57 AM
What are the consequences of a society that can create then enslave beings who look like ancient gods?

We have the example of the cow goddess hybrid. I've seen concept art of an elephant hybrid that looked very much like Ganesha. So if hybrids are created to be exploited as a permanent underclass...what does it mean that they take the image of ancient gods? Regardless of your beliefs, as far as is evidenced by human history, human people created (the stories about) the gods. And now in the 22nd century, people can create Ganesha, Kamadhenu (the cow goddess) and other deities. How do you think civilian humans take to this? How do you think they're used?

Imagine hybrids who have the head of a jackal, essentially appearing like Anubis (Egyptian god of the dead), working in morgues and cemeteries. How do you think the hybrids who appear like ancient gods feel about that? The ones in and out of captivity?

Sorry if this thread is redundant. I couldn't find any thread or post that posed these questions before.

02-12-2018, 08:04 AM
Hardly redundant. Michel wants religion of various origins. It's been said that hybrids will most likely create their own religion. It's unsure if corporations still create hybrids or if the hybrid creation labs have been shutdown for 10-100 years. If the latter, hybrid created religions may see it as blasphemy to say humans created hybrids, and that it was their god(s).

If Christianity has survived (though likely less influencing, since Buddhism and Hindu look to be the leading influence), they may see it as blasphemy for humans to create hybrids, because they're "playing god". This might mean we could have Christians protest and/or try to kill hybrids, just for being hybrids. Something similar to the Salem Witch Trials. Some hybrids may know that humans created them, however believe their god(s) influenced humans to create them.

These are somethings Michel would like to explore, among other things. He even explained that he wanted transgender characters, which could also include LGB. Michel wants BGE2 to have diversity.

02-12-2018, 09:41 AM
Its also notable that in some cases like egyptian polytheism, religion didn't always give animals meaning, some animals were associated with gods and later were used to represent them.
Like Bovines, often used in agriculture. Their usefullness in the production of food made them the base of well being in egypt, india and western celtic tribes, among others.

So, the corporations creating hybrids with some animals do not do so because they are the representation of gods. but because those animals have properties that are well known by human, and even made them revered in ancient times.