View Full Version : nerf out of lock tech.

02-10-2018, 04:55 PM
Do it.... lol, it's too viable in 1v1 fights. unlocking to extend moveset should be banned.. Is it intended to be used as such an offensive tool? I think it's a bad long term tactic down the road that could hurt the game.

Not looking forward to Warden unlocking and running at me with zone and rush attack pressure 24/7. Warden roll away, or GB to reset situation to set up unlock into same scenario every time.

Lawbringer mains tend to do the same when they get salty on their limited options.

and Warlord is still a problem when their is walls surrounding your area or ledges. Everytime that man runs at you it's a 50/50.

Is it all intended or is that an issue that's difficult to fix? i'd like to know