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02-10-2018, 03:03 PM
Our Serinka Sorrosyss asked on Twitter to the creator of Assassin's Creed who ''left'' Ubisoft was questioned about Eve's descendant.
Eve has been a big mystery in Assassin's Creed one which has been mentioned over the franchise many times.


And we might have our answer from Patrice

Sorosyss:@PatriceDez Hi Patrice! Hope you are well. I know it has been many years, but I just wondered with Assassin’s Creed 2 - was Lucy a direct descendant to the hybrid Eve, as Desmond was to Adam? I can see it was implied in an interview, but I was just really curious.

Patrice: Well... Her name is Lucy...

Sorosyss[/B ]As in “Australopithecus Lucy”? �� A missing genetic link. And I think many fans suspected it about her link to Eve but still. This explains alot actually, especially her email password in Brotherhood. Thanks for your time, and I look forward to Ancestors! �� (and 1666 one day ��)

It's really small and no real confirmation of course but it would make alot of sense!

[B]Lucy Stillman Brotherhood Image (2010) Last game Patrice worked on to!

For those who don't know know Australopithecus Lucy was (from what I remember) a old human body that was discovered from an extinguished race.

Lucy worked with Desmond Miles who was a descendant from Adam himself and when she helped him escape from Abstergo the soundtrack from Adam and Eve started to play when they started to fight their way out.
The first time we saw Adam and Eve they were running away from something, in the Modern Day Desmond and Lucy were running away from something to but we know what that was of course, Abstergo security guards.
I kind of want to point out that Abstergo's art design reminds me of the buildings we saw in the Adam and Eve clip from AC2.

The Truth Video from Assassin's Creed 2

The opening from Assassin's Creed 2 with Lucy.

And remember THIS

She is not who you think she is. Everything you hope to become, everything you hold dear, It's already gone.
Eden. She... in Eden. Find Eve. The key. Her DNA... I cannot... The sun... Your son... Too weak... Must replenish energy...
-Subject 16

Subject 16 talks about the sun that destoyed the Firct Civilization, he talks about SHE, he talks about Desmonds SON and he exists and his name is Elijah and works with Juno and her Instruments

This really fasinates me but I doubt this is still hapenning since Lucy died in Brotherhood and since Assassin's Creed became a yearly release series changes had to be made to the script... And Lucy died because Kristen Bell Lucy's voice actrice and model asked for more money and I even remember that there was an ending planned with spaceships... Ironic enough Shaun makes a joke in Brotherhoods ending that the room could turn in a spaceship.

You might cause this room to turn into an alien spaceship and fly away. Think about it. -Shaun joking around in a First Civ room.

Yeah basicly hinting at that. It still makes alot of sense to this day if Lucy was originally the descendant from Eve but I really doubt this now because AC has changed over the years and I doubt when they wrote AC2 with a plan of twenty thousands sequels and more.
I hope you enjoyed my post and I hope you have a fun day.

Edit: I personally wouldn't make to many assumptions on the Subject 16 Truth from Brotherhood btw since obvious reasons.