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02-09-2018, 11:11 PM
It's been a while since we have been blessed with a Rayman title by Ubisoft Montpellier. I've had some time to reflect upon the older generation of Rayman titles and i'd like to share with the community some of my Rayman gaming treasured moments. Perhaps you'd like to share yours?

Rayman 3 took to our gaming consoles in 2003 and what a masterpeice it was. Ubisoft made gaming perfection with the title featuring a harmonious balance of humour and seriousness throughout the entire title. Some of my favourite moments within the game took place whilst freeing the Teensies. Within each world throughout the game; Clearleaf Forest, The Bog Of Murk, Land Of The Livid Dead and The Desert Of The Knaarens etc we were introduced to a collection of Teensies each with their own famous unqiue catchphrases. One of my favourite took place in the Land Of The Livid Dead world. When you enter the second part of the level there are two Teensie Cages you can free. If you destroy the cage in the Waterfall this famous one liner ensures.. "I have to go walk my flowers and water my dog." The Teensies most certainly made the game unique.

Following on with some more Rayman 3 treasured memories does anyone remeber 'The Desert Of The Knaarens.' The Development team behind that World scarred many children including myself at a young age. One of my favourite and most haunting memories takes place before one of the first encounters of Reflux. It's perhaps the best and most memorable platforming segments in the entire game. Rayman finds himself being chased by a herd of Knaarens through the caves. As a Child my heart raced and I was gripped with adrenaline. Anyone else remeber when we all thought the game was up for Rayman? My heart skipped a beat. However, the clever development team fooled up giving the ground away leading to another frantic chase. The Desert Of The Knaarens will certainly never leave me.

My last Rayman 3 Memory i'm going to share today takes place within the Clearleaf Forest Arena where Rayman takes on the Hoodlum Master Kaag. "Coming to you live from Clearleaf Stadium, where local favourite Rayman is on hand to settle a score with the Hoodlums!". Without a single doubt the boss fight is my favourite through the entire game. I will never forget the infamous commentator and the excitement of taking control of the stompers. What an absolute blast. The team did an oustanding job with the comedic one liners.

I could go on forever writing more memories but i'd like to hear some of yours? I will be following up more posts for a while for you to reminisce over. Hope you all are having fun playing Rayman Legends on Nintendo Switch

03-08-2018, 08:35 PM
You pretty much described my dear memories of that outstanding game. I have Rayman 3 HD on PS3 and two copies of the original for pc, and I have played it through countless times. Too bad they didn't make a sequel for it. I've been reading on the internets about Michel Ancel working on a new Rayman game, but it's only rumours and nothing has been confirmed yet. I really hope to see Ubisoft announce a new 3D Rayman at E3 this year.. or next year. I would be super hyped to see more of what their amazing art team can do. Looking at Rayman Origins and Legends, they really know what they're doing.