View Full Version : Can we just take a moment to appreciate how great of an experience that stream was?

02-09-2018, 01:09 AM
Title says it all. I really enjoyed watching the whole stream and I hope you keep doing big event streams like this one in the future :)

02-09-2018, 01:52 AM
Same here, I loved it.

02-09-2018, 03:09 AM
I agree I thought it was a good time. I agree about the tournament being a little long though, donít get me wrong I loved the new forumula with much more experienced players playing. The banter between the devs was good as always, reworks look great. The only thing I still want to see if a Dev tourney, wether it be on a warriors den or another season reveal we need a dev tourney. Hereís to year 2 warriors.