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02-08-2018, 07:28 PM
Bought the game few days ago, tried those "tutorial missions" and had 130-140 FPS. When i jump into Terrorist Hunt, or whatever its called, I get not only 70 FPS max, but also a terrible mouse lag. Game shows 50-70 FPS, but the game itself feels like running on literally 20 FPS. It doesn't matter if I set the graphics either on low or high, game runs on the same FPS inside the building, when i just spawned, or when there are explosions everywhere.

My PC specs are:
- 2x8 GB DDR3 1333
- GeForce 1060 6GB
- i5 2500k 4.2 GHz OCd
- Windows 7
- NVIDIA Drivers 390.77

What I did already:
- I run the game on steam, verified files - didn't work
- I tried changing GPU Adapter option in .ini from =0 to =1, game won't even load
- From what I've read, the most common fix is to change the .exe to run on highest performance, but the problem is that i don't even have such option in NVIDIA Settings (I'm not sure if its in Windows 7). I tried changing global 3D settings to run on highest performaance, but that also didn't help.
- Fresh .ini didn't help
- Used Display Driver Uninstaller to uninstall the NVIDIA drivers and installed the newest one, 390.77, still no "Highest performance settings" in NVIDIA Panel, yet no fps improvement in game
- V-sync off for sure

Any other possible fixes for that one? I've already played 2 hours, the game looks promising to me, but I'm afraid I'm gonna refund if there's no real solution for those bad and laggish FPS.

02-09-2018, 10:53 AM
I would suggest that you contact our technical support team on our support site (https://support.ubi.com/en-gb/Cases/new) as they would be more suited to assist you than myself over the forums.

Please provide a DXDIAG and MSINFO report with the case so that the team can investigate.
You can find instructions on how to create these files and attach them to this ticket in the links below:

DXDIAG: https://support.ubi.com/en-gb/faqs/000021185/Sending-a-Dxdiag-to-Support/
MSINFO: https://support.ubi.com/en-gb/faqs/000021216/Sending-a-msinfo-report-to-Support/