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02-08-2018, 04:07 PM
So yeah, as title indicates this is true but i'm not sure many people know about it but there's a window of opportunity you can use to avoid this all together by always walking backwards and timing the back dodge WHILE out of stamina to avoid his shoulder bash and his GB at the same time which isn't hard to do once you are familiar on the timing on when to do it...

I'm afraid of Warden fighting out of lock though, constantly disengaging combat to only run at you with either his safe zone or quick running attack 24/7. Using out of lock attacks MUST go some how... Maybe make it to where you don't keep same momentum when you constantly shuffle back and forth keeping it possible to use the run attack? dunno but it has to go... Lock on should be superior to out of lock anyway, make it to where the person running is at an disadvantage, shouldn't be used to open up more attack opportunities, it would go a long way to fix out being cheesed... BUT If by some coincidence both players are running at each other at the same time, THEN that's fine, it's a different type of mind game... It would be like 2 cars riding on same road and whoever calls who's bluff first wins etc... Will he roll, will he commit to his dash attack? The constant out of lock game play on some characters is cancer to the original design of gameplay and ruins the experience on how this game is meant to be played...

Season 5 Berserker... I'm excited for today but like i'm worried about one thing, his zone attack... The thought of him getting a heavy parry into zone would be way too strong along with his upcoming changes that could transform him into a monster.

Valkyrie needs something, like her shield bash causing stun? the heavy feint into shield bash, anything revolving around her shield should cause it... That would be a good start to her and no i don't even touch her... but if she had that it would open up her mind games a lot better, making her harder to parry and making her moves less telegraphed.

Lawbringer is bad, Highlander beats him in a 1v1 scenario or goes even. but I believe it's in highlanders favor. I can waste all my stamina to try and open him up and get 1 hit in and not worry about him destroying me out of stamina, it's nonexistent, lawbringer is the worst character when it comes to punishing players out of stamina.

I always Felt Centurion should get a light into a heavy combo since his kick into heavy was supposed to be in but they took it out because it would have been deemed too powerful, also adds to his mix up game as suggested when you read his character profile. Also I feel he's a fine character BUT his out of stamina should grant him something? Like when Shaman or Nobushi get bonuses for having characters in bleeding but for Centurion it should be out of stamina game giving him crazy mix ups or something along those lines? I think it would be an excellent idea... Also Remove that cut scene it takes away from the fight itself, rework him into somebody just actually beating you up with mix ups rather then taking you through a movie. But back to the new out of stamina game... it would make centurions actually go for the 3 pummel bash when they get a GB rather then just going for the free heavy... It would give Centurion mains to think twice about what options they want to go for and their end goal. Can literally turn centurion into a hype machine with a few adjustments and new moves, making him a joy to watch.

Gladiator will forever be solid and I dunno if you should take away his zone attack and make it committal or not.

Shugoki should be a zangief type character. Instead of giving him hyper armor and have it regenerate everytime he's knocked out of it, how about just completely rework him into having into a majority of his moves and giving him special properties that no one else has? bigger chip damage maybe? I've sparred against 6'6 450+ pound fighters and let me tell you, blocking is risky, when you are close it's only very brief... Highlander is a Pseudo grapple character like Alex from street fighter and I look at Shugoki as the complete heavy character like Hugo or Zangief from street fighter.

Orochi should have best deflects in the game, not shinobi... the shinobi deflect into heavy kick is true and does 50 dmg everytime vs Orochi new buffed dmg deflect.

Aramusha should have zone deadly feint.

Warlord needs a revamp... His style is just not fun to watch, look at, and play. He's just too original if that makes any sense. He just needs to perform better and make it more interesting while doing so.. Give him more exicting ways to fight. The slowing down of the gameplay to headbutt every now and again is just a killer among casual audience. Exciting gameplay must be ideal to appeal to the casual viewers. Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Dragon ball fighter Z, Smash Bros Melee, Marvel Vs Capcom 2. Reason those games did so well is because they were fun to watch when played. Gotta do the same here... SOME GAMES not ALL games has that 1 boring character nobody wants to watch and everybody roots against, but don't fill the game with them. Have 1 maybe 2 to appeal to the small audience that enjoys that type of game play and to better suit the many styles of this game.

Orochi needs revamp but he should still have best deflects, it's just in his design to have the best. Orochi Vs Aramusha reminds me of Jin(Orochi) Vs Kariya(Aramusha). Aramusha has the better sword play but Orochi has more technique in his play like his deflect trade into stab on how he beat Kariya lmao. I'm half asian so i'm not a weeb smh, i get a pass.

Shinobi should have... I have no idea, lol a new move? or better ranged attacks? I have no clue to be honest on how to make him interesting but if things go the way they are with changes he will be an outcast.

Shaman will forever be solid, too many options to ever put her in bad category, health nerf? she doesn't need all that health when she can heal.

The rest like nobushi, Peacekeeper, i'm waiting on to see news about for season 5.

Block damage Stat is useless... It's so useless like... Why have it? chip damage alone isn't good to even consider using this stat. just give me my raw damage and call it a day.

02-08-2018, 11:00 PM
I've said it before, and Ill say it again, you have some GREAT ideas. I can agree with literally everything on here, though the one thing I specifically want to comment on is Shinobi... Id like to see a couple small changes happen to her.

-Reduced to 100HP from 105HP
-Can cancel the final hit of her zone (why you're FORCED to throw that awkward hit is beyond me) (Theres also a couple others with zones you cant cancel like Cent, which I think should be fixed.)