View Full Version : Why does the old helicopter steering not have the options to fly with hud?

02-08-2018, 12:23 AM
Like the title said? There are two steering types for helicopters. The old one (which I like) and then the new one(I donít like) but the new one has the ability to show altitude, speed and a weapons target for easy aiming. Why am I not allowed to have that with the old steering type? We have the option to turn the hud on/off in the hud options. But it will never come on if you play with old helicopter steering. In my opinion that sucks! Cause I really enjoy flying with the old controls. Not only does the helicopter react more natural, but it also seems more realistic when it slows down and accelerate. And I can dodge SAMís easier (makes no sense a combat helicopter has no counter flares) But Anyway. ďYeah but you can just fly with the new helicopter steeringĒ Yes But I hate that one. Cause it makes the helicopter move extremely unrealistic. Feels so arcade like. Just like in Just cause...
I enjoy the old steering much better... And if we have the option to turn hud on/off in the hud Option Anyway, then it makes zero sense to me why we canít do that for the old steering as well. I love the flying but now I canít aim??????
Is this really a game decision or did you guys just not test it out properly... I would really love to see a fix for this in the future... If we have the option to turn huds on and off, then we should be able to do that for the old controls as well!
Thx for reading. And a fun game... Ps Iím on the Xbox one x.