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02-07-2018, 12:42 PM
I think that fictional worlds can often make us think about our own society and culture (both in literature, cinema and video games :cool:). They make us think about our own political systems by trying to "show" how they would work and sometime expose their flaws and maybe suggest alternative political systems. I love this idea that art can help us understand or question our world.

With that say what do we know about System3's political system ? Not too much except that Indian and China are the dominant political (and probably military and technology too) forces.
This can lead to a lot of different political organizations. On Hillys, the "legitimate" government was overthrown by a military force that used propaganda to justify its tightened grasp on a lot of society.

What do you think System3's political system looks like ?

In my opinion in System3 there is a variety of cities that are competing for influence and power (and of course natural resources). That can lead to cities within some sort of federation with varying government influence. Some may be well controlled by government either because they are a center of executive power or because they are near valuable resources or trade routes. Other may escape a bit more the control of central government with local mafia having the real power in the city.
This kind of political system can be a good frame for a coherent world building but what if space exploration, new hybrid races, or new religions created new political systems ? In a work of fiction we can explore more than traditional form of government. So here is my idea : city-states with specific political system. Maybe a city build on an asteroid became a libertarian haven, maybe some religious fanatics escaped the control of the central government and created a city ruled by priests and monks, maybe some other country colonized a planet, a gigantic cave or a moon in system3 and tried to settle with their own culture and political system.

What are your ideas of political systems that can exist in a System3 city ?

I would love to see a city with a political system like Menzoberranzan (from DnD). In this city the power is held by a finite number of houses competing against each other to climb the social ladder. But there is a twist, the only way to climb is to destroy a house above you in the city. The city is held together by fanatical religion for a deity of chaos and treachery that loves the war between houses competing for power (this could fit well in BGE² world where religion seems to have a great place). The only way a house can rise from the slums is to destroy the less powerful house and take it's place. In this city there is a lot of slaves and mercenaries taking part in the open or hidden war between the ruling houses. Of course the only thing the people of this city hate more than competing houses is other cultures and races. They are at war with most of them as they see them as lesser races but they are mostly too busy fighting each other to be bothered to conquer other places. This city could be the home of hybrids that have created a cult and enslave other hybrids/humans to serve in their wars or of humans that enslaved hybrids and rule as a dominant class in the city.
In Menzoberranzan the first house is very powerful and could take over the city but doesn't do it because their deity loves chaos and fights in her name. They also punish houses that don't follow the path of violence and cult prescribed by their god and destroy them.
The only problem I have is that I don't know anything about Indian or Chinese gods and I can't suggest wich one would guide the city to a path of chaos, religious fanatism and sacrifices.

02-07-2018, 01:36 PM
Whatever the regime in ganesha is, Zhou yuzu seems to be extremely powerfull, he was able to request the entire police after Knox and Shani and even found them & tryed to kill'em before they left the city in a small hovering bike among the traffic.

So there will probably be very influent & powerful organised crime in system 3 in my opinion.
I'm thinking maybe international ( i guess now they're intersystemic ) organisations will have great power because of their control over certain aspects of this universe, like Hybrid producers & Spaceship-making companies.