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02-07-2018, 06:55 AM
I'm not sure about posting here, bc this place looks deserted and full of Escort threads. Maybe, thats a best solution after a few hours of satisfying gameplay in the For Honor.

I'm not going to focus on specific characters because sometimes it's very personal. But there is few ideas related to a general mechanics.

GB. Easy to land, easy to counter. So, people is abusing them to much. Espesially if you are playing on primitive avangard character and just need to spam your miseru cyrcle or whatever.

probably a solution
GB is something that supposed to be used against a "guard",what means defense. So, make them work like intended. To hit with GB you need to point it towards the block. So, it works more effectively against turtles. So, it works like any other action in the game - with directions. Hitting. blocking, parrying.. it's pretty natural for our fingers and brains. And what is more important it makes it more graduated with a shift in the right direction.

Also, GB that could break your dodge in to the left, right or back must be gone. It's total ********. There is nothing to breake. Or let's us to counter them, like for parry in S5. That is a problem.

Parry You can fix timings and any other parameters many times, But in 2018 we always asking ourselfs.. why Peacekeeper became a parrymonster. How a dagger can parry a blunt? So easy. You need to divide this weapons on classes (by weight, lenght, form, etc) and make a simple rules. Like "weapon class1 can parry all from class1, can parry Light from Class2, and parry nothing from Class 3". And vise versa.

Right now the main problem in simplifying of fight when you going higher ranks. They become less satisfying, more about abusing one effective move or just your light attack. It's boring as shi.

02-07-2018, 07:28 AM
Unfortunately, the spam has been around for a while and will probably be around for a while longer. Sorry to hear that it put you off posting, but it usually isnít dead here. Thereís a lot of members from all over the globe and some times have higher traffic than others. And to be honest, youíre 100% right about the escorts.

But, GB is about to become a whole lot harder to land. Parry changes mean itís no longer possible to get it from a parry, which means players will also be extra vigilant against them from here on out when fighting. I like the idea of having to match GB with a direction, but I personally think itís fine as it is right now. GB isnít so broken that it needs a change, and your solution doesnít change GB been easily spammable.

Guard break is the direct counter to dodge. Remove the ability to guard break someone in dodge animations, and you make dodge the safest thing in the game. There will be nothing that could stop dodging, a lot of moves will simply be rendered useless. Lawbringers shove will be, why stay and eat a light when you can always dodge it and dodge the GB if the LB decides to mix it up? Why would a Warden ever use SB again, when the enemy can dodge it without fear and gain a free GB, because even if the Warden mixes it up straight away and goes for the GB at the start it wonít do anything, because dodge is impervious.

Your parry changes are not a good idea. This just puts a massive nerf on a lot of heroes. Why would you choose a hero who canít parry 1/3 of the roster? You will also be removing the ability to parry heavy attacks from 2/3rds of the roster. Itís incredibly unbalanced, and unfair. It also is absurd that Warlord, who I assume would go into Class 3 due to his shield, would not be able to parry a PK because she would most likely be class 1.

It was possible with two daggers to block a sword strike, but it would be an absolutely last resort defensive strike. It leaves the defender wide open still as all the control would be in the attackers hand, as the swordsmen would be able to tell what youíre doing, due to the pressure on the sword from daggers. But, it was also possible to parry with one dagger and attack with the other at the same time, as itís both defensive and offensive. Thatís real life, but For Honor isnít based on real life. But we must have balance, which is why all heroes can parry each other. Iím not disagreeing that a Shinobi been able to parry a poleaxe with two sickles is unlikely, but it would just be unnecessary to change the game like that IMO.

02-07-2018, 07:49 AM
Dodge using a stamina. It's enough to not call it a free or savest. You dodging you not attacking, you loosing your stamins - it's bad. But you don't take a random GB. Fair.