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02-06-2018, 11:46 PM
First off, wanna say i think im pretty content with nobushi changes so far. The nerfs are iffy but the positive changes make me happy. She has more options and i love that. Giving kinda simple characters more options is something i think is healthy for the game, if they want to focus the gameplay around the level of the dlc characters who have many unique options available to them. So nobushi mains or people who play nobushi somewhat frequently, what are your thoughts? Do the bads overshadow the goods? Will nobushi rise to meet the competition? My biggest hope is that she doesnt fall into obscurity like she has before. Where nothing was said about her good or bad, as long as the developers seem to acknowledge her and change her to fit with the rest, i think i will be happy. Season 5 im ready! Make a comeback for honor like rainbow did! You are to unique of a game!

02-07-2018, 12:12 AM
Im pretty content too, I think my biggest complaint is the parry range nerf for her and other long range characters... hopefully that isnt enough to ruin her though.

Im really hyped for S5, been a long time (Since I launched Beta for the very first time kind of hype) and really hope to see this game make a turnaround.

02-07-2018, 04:23 PM
Wish something had been done about her stamina with hidden stance.
The kick being faster is nice. But i'm wondering if it's going to mess with the mind games she could do with it before by delaying her kick.
the recovery nerfs seem reasonable in concept. I just hope it's not hit hard enough that she can still reliably use her cancels in 1v1.
Overall I think it was a good attempt at reigning in her 4v4 dominance. what remains to be seen is if the changes made impact her in 1v1 in any significant fashion.

02-07-2018, 06:11 PM
Nobushi Details;

Zone attack damage nerfed.
Kick speed buffed.
No extra stamina cost if you miss the kick.
Hidden stance top light speed increase, from 600 to 500.
Can't feint if out of stamina.
Side light finishers speed increase.
Swift recoil can now connect to Vipers Retreat.
Side dodge recovery increased.
Heavy sprint attack properties reversed.
Light attacks after hidden stance damage reduction.

I have to say, initially, it looked slightly iffy. Less damage on zone, light attacks from hidden stance is huge. Not to mention she is now parry punishable along with valk which is scary as her chains are no longer as safe as previously. Iím not saying give free chicken, but for a character that relies heavily on her chains and distance, it is certainly not favorable. The buff I wanted to see most honestly was stamina reduction of hidden stance.

This being said, the more ive thought about it the more content I am. The speed increased of both kick and lights I think will offset the damage reduction as more hits means more damage and bleed applied.

Overall I would consider these changes an overall buff:

Kick: a HUGE need was met here. Her kick previously was virtually useless as it was so slow and animated leaving the risk certainly not worth the reward in the majority of cases. I wish there were more options as far as being canceled though, but speed is a good start. On top of this a missed kick doesnít punish your stamina as it used to, with a character whoís not so stamina cheap hidden stance is a strong central core of her kit, this gives a little more wiggle room on stamina management.

Light speeds (pun intended): I think the buffs here are also extremely necessary. Her lights are rather slow and again, she relies a good deal on these lights to inflict bleed. The decrease of the speeds was a good call in my opinion and on paper looks to offset the damage reductions to be more in favor, but in practice this may change. Not sure the damage reduction amount either. If itís too much this could be a total false statement, but I havenít seen an actual proposed damage amount yet. I have faith it will be reasonable though.

My favorite out of these however is the chaining of recoil into vipers retreat. I think this will prove very useful. Previously recoil was a good tool to retreat but within seconds they would be all up your face once again. Giving a distancing bleed poke afterwords to keep the space seems very beneficial.

Overall pretty happy with the changes.