View Full Version : No local coop anymore!

02-06-2018, 08:34 PM
We need to ask ourselves, those who love local coop why ubisoft refused to add any of these features in their games anymore. This is a very poor of them to do. They used to be local coop in most ubisoft games on the older consoles. Ask yourselfs how is that the older system could handle it but the new ones cant. I feel like this none local features should be a MAJOR community discussion. All these NEW games doesnt feature it when we all know it should. People are so concern with just graphics they forget about the game play. Its not just about playing online. It should also be about playing with the person next to you. Like a wife, brother, friend, a group of friends. Not everyone has live and want to constantly get on live to play the video games with their friends and family. Our technology has become good enough for people to do both play online and still play local coop. Ubisoft just dont want to do it because they dont see a demand for it. Well thats bull because us local splitcreen lovers demand it. We should all demand it. Let them know we want local splitscreen back in the games. Lets try and get this message to ubisoft so they can see we want local splitsreen too. NOT JUST ONLINE ONLY! Lets discuss this so our voices can be heard. If you want and love local coop.