View Full Version : Peacekeeper nerf. Buff Orochi.

02-06-2018, 12:21 AM
Her lights, especially against Orochi or any character that doesn't have fast light attacks as her, are just overwhelming on console. Her dodge recovers too quick, and her zone is far too fast for any character. Especially when going against a turtle Pk, there's almost no way to open her up. But she can open you up with extremely fast lights.

Orochi's Storm Rush should be faster, just like how it was in the Alpha of the game. Riptide Strike should gain better dodging capabilities, and should launch faster to actually hit your opponent without them blocking. I don't even main Orochi, but I feel really vad killing them when all they can do is top lights, and zone attacks. It's pitiful, he's worse than Nobushi and yet she still gets to have a rework.

I wish Orochi would one day be reworked to perform like General Tozen from For Honor's campaign. He had a parry stance, unblockabe kicks to knock you to the floor,
and mixable unblockable heavies.

02-06-2018, 01:49 AM
she has 500ms (I think her second can be 400ms in chain but I forget) lights. many other heros have 500ms lights.
Her lights feel faster because they are not telegraphed very well. they are stabs/jabs. not long sweeping swings like most of the cast.
Her dodge recovery is 500ms and so is shamans. But all assassin back dashes are safe.
Her zone cancel is 400ms. shaman has 1 400ms attack. Highlander has 1 400ms attack. and aramusha lights in chains are 400ms.
A pk doesn't benefit from turtling anymore than most other classes.

I can link you my post on orochi changes if you're interested.

I think pk needs a few changes. but only like 2 of them would be considered nerfs.
removing GB from parries makes her punishes a lot less painful. So she should feel less oppressive come season 5 imo.

02-06-2018, 02:07 AM
True to what Knight Raime said the parry changes will help people alot more against a peacekeeper to where she wont be as chaotic or stressful to handle as she can be with some players

02-06-2018, 08:03 AM
true the orochi needs love guys. but can anyone honestly remember the last positive thing the dev have ever said about the orochi class?? seriously has been months and months. last we heard was of their way over nerfing of the class. feels bad. rip orochi for now.