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I find that a lot of the time, on the Annoverse discord (https://discord.gg/5RahMhq) and on the forums, people that are new to the Anno Union (https://www.anno-union.com/en/) or have only just heard about the development of Anno 1800, ask a lot of questions that have already been answered by BlueByte, whether in past DevBlogs, QA's, and live streams.

This thread will contain a list of confirmed features, as well as some common questions that I see in the forums and on the Annoverse Discord. I will try and put a link to where the question is answered by BlueByte - DevBlog, live stream etc.


Anno 1800 Playtests

Game Features
AI and NPC's
Trading, Logistics and Workforce
New Systems in Anno 1800
Other Questions
Useful Information

Commonly Asked Questions:

Anno 1800 Playtests

Where can I sign up for Anno 1800 Playtests?
You can sign up for Anno 1800 Playtests here: https://www.anno-union.com/en/playtests/

When will Anno 1800 be released?
Anno 1800 will be released on the 26th February, 2019. This blog post also contains information about pre-orders.
--- Blog Post (https://www.anno-union.com/en/anno-1800-release-date-and-pre-order/)

Will the game be released on Mac/Linux?
Currently there are no plans to release on platforms other than Windows --- DevBlog (https://www.anno-union.com/en/union-update-streaming-and-community-qna/)


Will there be multiplayer?
Yes --- DevBlog (https://www.anno-union.com/en/multisession-gameplay-in-anno-1800/)

Will the there be co-op (similar to 1404/2070) multiplayer?
Unfortunately, this has not been confirmed yet.

Game Features

What will the map be like?
The maps in Anno 1800 are confirmed to be the largest of any Anno game yet. --- DevBlog (https://www.anno-union.com/en/multisession-gameplay-in-anno-1800/)

Will the maps be randomly generated?
Yes, the map will be generated in a similar fashion to 1404/2070. --- Twitch VOD (https://www.twitch.tv/videos/241578431?t=21m6s)

What is multi-session, and is it returning in Anno 1800?
Multi-session gameplay in Anno was first introduced in 2205, where the player could have multiple active "sectors". Basically other cities that were running and being simulated on a different map, in addition to the map (or "sector") the player is currently looking at and managing.

Multi-session gameplay is returning in Anno 1800, but is integrated into the game in a slightly different way. The important factor is that using multi-session will be completely optional. Unlike 2205, a player will be able to get all needed resources from a single session. --- DevBlog (https://www.anno-union.com/en/multisession-gameplay-in-anno-1800/)

Will I be able to customize my Player Profile, similar to Anno 1404/2070?
Yes, this has been confirmed. --- DevBlog (https://www.anno-union.com/en/union-update-quality-assurance-and-qa/) (In the QA section of the blog)

Will the item system (from 1404, 2070) be returning to Anno 1800?
Yes --- DevBlog (https://www.anno-union.com/en/devblog-all-about-items/)

Will there be disaster's in Anno 1800?
There will be no natural disasters in the game at launch - however there will be city disasters, such as fires and riots. --- Twitch VODs (https://www.twitch.tv/ubisoftbluebyte/videos/all), 2018/07/02 Anno Community Roundtable (no link)

Citizen Levels in Anno 1800:

Farmers --- DevBlog (https://www.anno-union.com/en/devblog-a-farmers-life/)
Workers --- DevBlog (https://www.anno-union.com/en/devblog-the-rise-of-the-working-class/)
Artisans --- DevBlog (https://www.anno-union.com/en/devblog-artisans-the-beautiful-minds/)
Engineers --- DevBlog (https://www.anno-union.com/en/devblog-engineers/)
Investors --- DevBlog (https://www.anno-union.com/en/devblog-investors/)


How will the Campaign function in Anno 1800?
The campaign will be integrated into the game (although can be deactivated manually), similar to Anno 2205, but with a stronger focus on narrative (similar to 1404/2070). This means the campaign will not consist of separate missions. --- DevBlog (https://www.anno-union.com/en/union-update-voting-spotlight-and-qna/) (In the QA section of the blog)


How will military work in the game?
There has been a 2 part DevBlog explaining everything military. --- DevBlog Part 1 (https://www.anno-union.com/en/devblog-the-art-of-war-i/), DevBlog Part 2 (https://www.anno-union.com/en/deblog-the-art-of-war-ii/)

Will there be land units?
Unfortunately, there will not be any military land units in Anno 1800. --- DevBlog (https://www.anno-union.com/en/devblog-an-update-on-military-in-anno-1800/)

AI and NPC's

Will there be AI in Anno 1800?
Yes, AI has been confirmed. --- DevBlog (https://www.anno-union.com/en/union-update-voting-spotlight-and-qna/) (In the QA section of the DevBlog)

How will the AI work in Anno 1800?
The AI has been confirmed to be more like 1404 (acting like the player does) rather than 2070 (acting thematically, and nothing like the player). So, to confirm, it will act and expand like the player. --- DevBlog (https://www.anno-union.com/en/union-update-voting-spotlight-and-qna/), DevBlog: Construction AI (https://www.anno-union.com/en/turing-tested-asimov-proofed/)

Will pirates be in the game?
Yes. --- DevBlog (https://www.anno-union.com/en/union-update-annocast-summary/), Twitch VOD (https://www.twitch.tv/videos/182640481?t=39m03s)

Trading, Logistics and Workforce

What will trading in Anno 1800 be like?
This blog post sums up the trading system for Anno 1800: DevBlog (https://www.anno-union.com/en/devblog-your-own-trading-empire/)

How will logistics (market carts, transportation of goods etc.) work in Anno 1800?
The system will differ slightly from previous game, as the carts will have to wait at a warehouse to unload, which could result in a build-up of carts waiting at a warehouse. There was a DevBlog released going over the logistics system if you want to read more. --- DevBlog (https://www.anno-union.com/en/devblog-pushing-carts/)

How will the workforce system function?
In Anno 1800, it has been confirmed that the each civilisation tier will have its own workforce type. --- DevBlog (https://www.anno-union.com/en/devblog-residential-tiers/)

The workforce system itself won't consist of a global pool, similar to Anno 2205, but instead be island-wide (not specified explicitly, but implied). There will be methods to transfer workforce to your production isles, so you won't need to build an individual city for every single island on which you have production buildings. --- DevBlog (https://www.anno-union.com/en/union-update-workforce-and-production-isles/)

Will I need to satisfy the needs of the workforce on each separate island?
Short answer: Yes. More detailed answer --- Twitch VOD (https://www.twitch.tv/videos/241578431?t=23m52s)

The happiness system (and citizen happiness) has been changed slightly in Anno 1800. It is no longer necessary that your residents are happy in order to advance to the next residential tier. Read more here: --- DevBlog (https://www.anno-union.com/en/devblog-happiness/)


How will mines be implemented in the game?
Mines have been confirmed to be infinite, and there will be specific mining spots for specific resources (similar to Anno 1701 and 1404) --- DevBlog (https://www.anno-union.com/en/devblog-treasures-of-the-soil/), MP4 (https://www.anno-union.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/BBM3440_DevBlog_fertilities-and-resources_mine-placement_720p.mp4?_=2)

How will the farming system work in Anno 1800?
It has been confirmed that the farming/growing system will be similar to previous titles, with specific islands suited towards growing particular crops, and having specific fertilities. You will be able to change these fertilities, although exactly how is yet to be revealed. --- DevBlog (https://www.anno-union.com/en/devblog-treasures-of-the-soil/)

Productivity and Workforce in Anno 1800.
One interesting feature worth mentioning is the that the ability to affect the productivity of a certain type of building will be present in the game. The exact specifics have not been detailed, but the example given was being able to increasing the productivity of Iron Ore production in order to speed up weapon production. --- DevBlog
What kind of goods will be present in Anno 1800?
The section below contains a list of confirmed goods, and the associated civilization level. If you think you've heard of a good that has been confirmed in the game, and its not present below, please let me know!

Civilisation Level





DevBlog (https://www.anno-union.com/en/devblog-a-farmers-life/)

Unamed Raw Material

Unamed Raw Material


Unamed Intermediate Good

DevBlog (https://www.anno-union.com/en/devblog-the-rise-of-the-working-class/)

Link to image (https://i.imgur.com/VAzG6z4.jpg)

DevBlog (https://www.anno-union.com/en/devblog-working-conditions/)




Other Mentioned Goods:
Iron Ore, Weapons --- DevBlog (https://www.anno-union.com/en/devblog-working-conditions/)
Grain, Hops --- Twitch VOD (https://www.twitch.tv/videos/241578431?t=45m18s)
Sausages, Potatoes, Soap --- Twitch VOD (https://www.twitch.tv/videos/241578431?t=47m46s)

Other items from the AnnoCast03 (https://www.twitch.tv/videos/241578431): --- Many thanks to banan1996.1996 for this information
Fertilities: Grain, Hops, Red Peppers, Furs, Grapes
Raw materials: Clay, Cement, Iron, Coal, Gold, Copper, Zinc
Building materials: Wood, Bricks, Steel Beams

New Systems in Anno 1800

What is the Attractiveness System?
In Anno 1800, there will be an attractiveness associated with the cities you build. It has not been mentioned if any other features rely on attractiveness, but there is a reference to "tourists" in the blog post. More details here. --- DevBlog (https://www.anno-union.com/en/devblog-beauty-building-part-1-city-attractiveness/)

The Zoo
The Zoo is a special building in Anno 1800, and can be used to amass a collection of animals, which will increase the attractiveness of a city. --- DevBlog (https://www.anno-union.com/en/devblog-a-trip-to-the-zoo/)

Tourism in Anno 1800
Going alongside the attractiveness system is tourism. If a city is attractive and interesting, more people will want to visit it. On the other hand, if a city looses attractiveness, visitors may decide to leave. Read more about the system here: --- DevBlog (https://www.anno-union.com/en/devblog-a-trip-to-the-zoo/)

The Influence System
Influence is effectively a global resource that allows a player to move towards a certain playstyle. There are 6 different modules that can improved: Culture, Trade, Military, Optimisation, Propaganda and Expansion.
Find out more here: --- DevBlog (https://www.anno-union.com/en/pretty-influential/)

Features added by electricity is extensive - it will be visually represented via electrical poles within the world, and old, horse drawn carts can be upgraded to use steam powered carts, which provide up to a 200% boost. Electricity also adds the need for the extraction of fossil fuels, the logistics of which can be helped using the railway, which can transport the oil/coal that arrives in your harbour to your power plants. Read here for more information --- DevBlog (https://www.anno-union.com/en/power-overwhelming/)

Expeditions, Museums and the Industrial Revolution
In Anno 1800, you will be able to undertake expeditions, in a "choose your own adventure" throwback. Send specialised crew members on hunts for rare treasures. --- DevBlog (https://www.anno-union.com/en/devblog-new-features-at-gc2018/)

Useful Information

DevBlog (https://www.anno-union.com/en/union-update-annocast-summary/) --- Contains a lot of useful information from the first AnnoCast Stream including Jorgensen, pirates, and camera options.
Link to Twitch VOD's (https://www.twitch.tv/ubisoftbluebyte/videos/all) (ubisoftbluebyte Twitch Channel).

Please let me know if I have missed anything obvious, or if there are any mistakes in this post. I will try to keep this updated as new features are revealed.

Anno Union (https://www.anno-union.com/en/)
Annoverse Discord (https://discord.gg/5RahMhq)

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Thanks AgmasGold for this precious summary and bringing everyone who is new to Anno Union (like me) up to speed!

02-05-2018, 11:58 AM
Well done summoning this up!
as for the no land units topic i think i have tought of a solution wich i posted in this topic.
p.s. this is not at all an attempt to try and make sure BlueByte would see it XD.

02-05-2018, 12:34 PM
Well done agmas, the list is correct as far as I have seen :)

There were somethings confirmed in the roundtable too, maybe it would be usefull to add that too? Unfortuanatly there is no availabl edocumentation of the roundtable though...

And how will we know you updated the thread... Just by checking it? Or will you leave a reply that the thread has been updatet? (spam warning :p )

Thanks for the great work anyway, this is helpfull for newbe's. Maybe it's an good idea to make this thread sticky @Chris @Freeway???

p.s. this is not at all an attempt to try and make sure BlueByte would see it XD.

That line makes me doubt that ^^

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Good job AgmasGold!

I think there are still some good questions&answers that could be added to this page from Discord and News section!

I probably mention them later here when I have more time!

02-05-2018, 06:40 PM
If you have more things that have been answered from the roundtable please go ahead and tell me. As long as it is proven, and not speculation (this thread is not for ideas/solutions, just for features that are 100% in the game) I will put it on with a note saying --- From the Annoverse Roundtable, see this union post (https://www.anno-union.com/en/union-update-story-contest-has-ended/) for details. ("Let’s come together!" section).

In terms of how you will know if it has been updated, I think I will put a "Last Revised: yyyy-mm-dd", "Last Updated: "yyyy-mm-dd" at the bottom of the thread. Formatted like that so the date is unambiguous. The last revised means that there won't necessarily be something new, just that it is still active, whereas the when the Last Updated value changes, it will mean something has been added to the thread.

I am basically planning to keep it updated with every DevBlog/stream from now on. I might also go back and add so of the other confirmed features I may have missed, we shall see.

I am glad everyone likes it! It did take quite a bit of time to initially set up, so the positive reaction is appreciated.

02-05-2018, 07:54 PM
Multisession is an immersion breaking technique that is not welcome in any form, not even optional or later on in DLC. no matter how big the game gets, the true anno feeling is ruling the world. If the player knows there is more. Even when totally independent already, the player wants more and the immersion breaking begins.

However small, multisessions will be bombarded by youtubers and the core audience and will lead anno 1800 into another commercial flop. I dont know who is pushing this in your office, but you should fire him/her. NO MULTISESSION WHATSOEVER. Keep it in mind please

Dial down looks, the cute stones in the sea i dont care. Make the game work an a massive scale is a 1000 times more important then looks. You obviously do not understand this when i look at your gameplay videos. Continue on this mindset, and it will be the end of anno series

02-05-2018, 08:29 PM
I think having some multisession will be alright. The main reasons multi-session didn't work in Anno 2205, was the fact that because there were so many, you were constantly waiting for each session to load, which was incredibly boring. That and the fact you were forced to expand to increase the level of your population.

Saying they should be fired is way too harsh, try to tone it down a little. I also doubt it was a one-person decision anyway, as despite not necessarily enjoying how it was implemented in 2205, I can understand the fact that it is something that was probably incredibly technical and difficult to achieve, and probably required huge changes to how the game worked in a lot of areas.

Some people liked the way multi-session was done, even in 2205. And although this is not the general consensus of the Anno community (at least in my experience), other people enjoy different styles of playing. Maybe they prefer the split-up nature of 2205, and like building smaller cities that function well, and take slightly less time to build up.

I am looking forward to multi-session in 1800, especially with the way trading ships are apparently going to sail across sessions.

02-06-2018, 12:05 PM
Maybe you can add something in the starting post that it is not meant for discussions about the game-elements, because if this will happen, the the idea for this thread is lost if ya ask me ^^

I will look into more confirmed things as ruuti0 said too, will post when I found more things :)

02-06-2018, 06:36 PM
Sure, I'll add it in at the top, that's a good idea.

02-07-2018, 11:53 PM
Reading this tread gives me Some concerns about the game already But Its to early to judge I gues seeing the annocast gameplay stream gameplay looks good at least

02-22-2018, 07:18 PM
Nice work AgmasGold (https://forums.ubi.com/member.php/1938285-AgmasGold)
Thanks, and i have BM'd the post :)

03-24-2018, 10:42 PM
I noticed some new things during AnnoCast 03, mainly new fertilities, raw materials and goods. I think it's a decent place to share my observations. I had to watch some parts in slow-motion ;)

Fertilities: grain, hops, red pepper, furs, grape
Raw materials: clay, cement, iron, coal, gold, copper, zinc
Building materials: wood, bricks, steel beams

10 people live in one farmer house (tier 1)

A neutral npc Eli Bleakworth sells 150 iron and 150 charcoal and buys infinite amounts of potatoes and soap.

03-25-2018, 12:13 PM
Thanks for the information, I'll it to the main post.

08-31-2018, 12:45 PM
The release date has been announced, maybe you can change it to the official release date?

And I do really like that you keep this thread up-to-date, well done :)

09-02-2018, 09:06 PM
Thanks for the heads up about that, I'll change it.

09-14-2018, 01:45 PM
, Maybe this isn t the proper discussion but I need an info....is it possible to play decently (with low quality settings) with a 4 years-dated videocard geforce? thanks for the attention

09-23-2018, 11:13 PM
Co-op multiplayer is confirmed.

10-01-2018, 11:43 AM
Is there already more confirmed about multiplayer?
I know co-up is confirmed.
i'm especially more curious about seperate player interaction apart from war.