View Full Version : Some concerns about UB heavy and dash heavy attack after the upcoming parry change

02-04-2018, 08:19 AM
After the parry change, parrying a heavy will only give you a light attack
It occurs to me that there are some heavy attacks are stronger or faster than other heavy attacks, such as UB heavy and side dash heavy
and now they are harder to be punished

1. Unblockable heavy attack that can be feinted
some heroes have UB heavy that can be canceled (feint) into GB
the window is very small that if there is small network latency, it's almost like guessing
Before the parry change, if you parry the attack, you get a heavy, if you fail, you get hit by a heavy.
The UB heavy force you to make a choice, but after the parry change,
you'll get hit by a heavy attack if you choose wrong, but you'll only punish the opponent a light attack if you choose right.
Dunno if it will favor some heroes too much, such as shaman, glad, highlander.

2. side dash heavy, that is , shaman and pk, both has side dash heavy
And both their side dash heavy are so fast that equal to other heroes's side dash light
(especially shaman, which is very very fast if there is small network latency)
compared to kensei's super slow dodge light attack, shaman's dash heavy is like light-speed.
However after the parry change, you can only punish them with a light attack, which make shaman and pk's dash attack super safe.

Above are my thoughts, what do you guys think?
I'm afraid that some assassins are going to be more cancer lol

02-04-2018, 10:58 AM
Yes, but you can still feint gb them out of dodge attack.
What trouble me more is some zone attacks who act like heavy even when they look like lights and have speed like lights. eg:
Warden zone will now be safe on block. So after patch warden zone - cuz it acts like heavy on parry you will get rewarded with light for parrying such fast and long reach attack. Meaning for wardens will be safer to use zone rather than top light 'facepalm'.
Shaman zone attack first hit acts also as heavy I guess to make it able to cancel it into light stab, its also hard to tell sometimes if you parried first hit zone or light if you dont pay attention to his stam.
Aramusha zone also act like heavy. I dont really think that need to change tbh.

I agree with unblockables with you completely its kinda unfair.

02-04-2018, 03:10 PM
Dash/dodge attacks are very easy to see coming and are very easy to bait out. So in my opinion I don't believe punishing those should reward more than a light.
Especially considering on a fundemental level assassins are supposed to be more nimble. super punishing them for trying to play as such just makes assassins want to turtle.
You also can't ignore the negatives for assassins from the parry changes.

PK loses a lot of her punishes since she can't GB anymore.
Zerker doesn't get her 90 damage punish anymore. Nor a top heavy on nearly every parry anymore.
and orochi's parry was nerfed. Deflect is his best option.

So Assassins might be "safer" now but their punishes are worse.
What unblockable heavies are you referring to?

02-05-2018, 03:25 AM
For unblockables, I'm talking about shaman's left unblockables heavy cancel into GB, or glad's unblockble heavy cancel into GB…etc

They all force you to react, and if you react wrong, you are punished with a heavy damage. However if you successfully parry them, you also punish them with a light after the parry change. The reword/punish doesn't seem equal.