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02-04-2018, 04:24 AM
I do think it makes a lot of sense to have India and China being the dominant explorers/colonizers of System 3. However, the world is competitive on Earth already, and I think it would make sense to see the odd planet being owned by someone else. Now with that being said, it has to be a realistic choice, I think that is key to making the universe believable. So, it’d be nice if others could explain why you picked a country to have a presence in System 3. For me, I have just selected all the countries which are predicted to be/are super powers. I think Brazilian and Russian owned planets could make some interesting locations. However, a lot can change within a 100 years. That’s just the reality of how fast the world is moving. I could see countries such as South Korea, Japan, Canada, Iran, Israel, Germany, France, Mexico and a ton of Scandinavian countries being potential colonizers. Furthermore, with Africa’s resources, one could see major change in wealth and well the truth is some of those governments could be extremely powerful in 400 years. The truth is that far in time, no one has a super accurate understanding of world politics. But I’m just going to be on the safe side and look countries which are potential world police

- Russia is an interesting case. Much like China and India, the roots of its culture still exist (well kind of). Regardless unlike other European countries (particularly in the West), it hasn’t completely fallen victim to American media, and therefor is unique to a predominantly white city.
o This plays well for a Russian owned planet, as the characters are uniquely “Russian”. What that consists of, is another question all together. But Vodka and calling each other Comrade are stereotypically in the equation.
- The pig within the BGE2 2017 E3 trailer, highlights that within his city there is a strong relationship with the mafia (possibly with triad roots) and the police.
o Russian inspired planets can have a similar situation. Firstly, Russian Mafias are present within these cities and are basically bullies to the general public. Yet there is also another bully within the equation, and that is Russia’s’ secret service (inspired by the KGB). Both would work together, as both benefit with the cooperation.
 The secret service, maybe an extremely paranoid organisation, looking constantly for intruders/traitors, using spies to gather intel.
 One thing the secret service maybe hiding is the first contact/cooperation with The DomZ.
• Due to this, we may see in future BGE games, the downfall of Russian planets, after a disagreement with the DomZ.
 One other thing to bring up in relation to the secret service, is its relationship with its citizens. This is another case of history repeating itself. Basically the secret service would operate like the KGB during the Cold War (particularly at the end). The Secret Service would harass/exploit poor citizens that have no escape. We would see people go missing, with the secret service being quick to kill suspicious individuals (whom are generally innocent). Anyone who revolted would also be killed as well. These last two sentences might not be historically accurate but you get the picture.
- As for architecture, much of the planet consists of the run-down high-rise apartments similar to those found in Russia/Ukraine’s urban areas. Poverty is a huge issue, and individuals are helpless. Small pockets of rural towns (surrounded by forest) are seen throughout the planets as well. They have the appearance like something out of the music video, ‘Tommy Cash – Leave Me Alone’ or the documentary ‘Russia's Toughest Prison: The Condemned’.
o The Russian government, also has taken priority on preserving its culture/history. Due to the fear that Indian/Chinese culture may take over. Therefor there has been a resurgence in architecture from Russia’s past (which is a lot of styles). They are often found in wealthier areas and CBDs. The goal is for individuals to not forget their heritage and turning to a culture that is heavily influenced by China and India.
- So how has Russia remained relevant? Well I think that is due to its relationship with China. The history between present day/BGE2 has shown that for a long time Russia and China have a strong relationship. This is because both had the power to shape the world, and both were communist. One could possibly see that Russia pulled China back into a more communist society, when it was becoming ‘too’ capitalist. However, this pressure would not last, and eventually China would take the position of world police and operate as a capitalist government. As a result, the ties between the two countries would break. However, the resources China has traded with Russia has allowed Russia to operate independently. As a result, they don’t own many planets but have enough wealth/resources to keep inter-galactic societies on the fringes of solar systems functioning.

- Brazil is an interesting case. Currently labelled a potential super power, but more so for it becoming the region’s economic hub. This resulted me to depict the Brazilian government to be not be aggressive with fellow colonizers. And is more of a hub for all South American/Central American countries to do business within the outer-space.
o Due to this, these planets are a melting pot of Latino/Hispanic cultures.
 It’s unlikely that Central American countries will have a good relationship with North America by BGE2 and thus I think they’re more likely to cooperate with Brazil rather than the USA. This is due to USA’s attitude with countries such as Mexico today. The sad reality is I don’t think Central American space-travel would be welcomed in US turf.
 Due to there be large presence of Caribbean communities on Brazilian planets, we could also see Mammago headquarters located on one of the planets.
- One of the coolest things to happen if Brazil were to have its own planet, is the fact that it could have Science-Fiction favelas and parkour which isn’t shortened to one mission (cough, COD) would make for a lot of fun when traversing these favelas.

- Yes, empires rise and fall, but its hard to believe that USA will become an insignificant power on Earth, at least not for a long time. The setting of Beyond Good & Evil 2 does allow for enough time for America to turn into complete chaos. But to be honest they’re an extremely adaptable country. And I believe will change at no end if it means they are in a significant position in the world.
- I was also thinking that there could be some sort of an alliance between America, England and Japan (maybe). I’m going to delve into this a bit more.
o When this alliance claims a planet home, we could see it divided into sectors. So as distant travellers enter such planet, it isn’t either American, English or Japanese, it’s labelled under the alliance name and divided into sectors. Which for now I’ll call P.E.Y.A (completely random name)
o The quality of life in P.E.Y.A is often worse than Chinese/Indian planets. The resources and wealth of P.E.Y.A is nothing compared to planets owned by China. P.E.Y.A could be in a form of debt to other colonizers as well. And thus, has potential to collapse and as a result cause a revolution.
o So why pick America, England and Japan for the alliance? Well it’s a nod to Western civilizations’ main economic hubs in the 2000s/2010s. The fact is many consider Tokyo, London and New York as the most significant/original global cities.
o Unless America is in complete chaos, their goal will always be to stay relevant (even if they’re losing). We see this competition to stay relevant/the first in discoveries during the Cold War with Russia. Arguably NASAs first voyage to the moon may have happened later, if it weren’t the fact that the Soviet Space Program could have discovered it first.
 So, I guess in summary, America and its fellow countries have an attitude and position to still compete and somewhat have an impact on Earth even if China were to be the leading super-power. This logic makes me think, that when it comes to colonizing outer-space in the future, there is a high chance that they’ll pursue it as well
o I also completely forgot to add a lot of other countries into the equation, I do think they would likely be part of the alliance. But there is a chance they could branch off into a smaller alliance as well.


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02-04-2018, 03:40 PM
Very interesting ideas, I asked myself the same question and Russia and Northern America poped into my mind.
It is a thing to consider which Contries will colonize the stars, but it may not be a reflection of the cultures we'll encounter. Like you said, they might have evolved, even blended, 300 years from now.
Just take Ganesha, zhou yuzu's place was chinese-themed but the upper city had a more hindu look. And Michel Ancel said that on the planet Ganesha's on there are montains with monks. There's a chance those might be inspired by the tibetan/ buddhist culture.
So, on one planet, We encounter influences of different cultures, but that are geographicaly close on Earth.

This may apply to other planets: One with arabic, Persian and african culture.
One with carribean, mexican and southern-american culture.
One with french, british, scottish, spanish, german, greek, ... Western European culture, and maybe thow in Northern america, because of their cultural descendance despite the atlantic separating them.
One with Russian, bulgarian, Hungarian, Kazakhs and Cossacks Cultures.
Just ideas on the top of my head but you get the idea.

02-04-2018, 10:25 PM
Brazil as hub for Latin american countries is very unlikely. In any case would be a block of spanish speaking countries with Brazil on their own, or different coalitions, like was proposed once that region become free nations from Spain, with Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay in one, Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela en other, Mexico on their own (and quite probable they will appear since there is that pirate concept art) and perhaps Central america and caribbean countries making another union.

As you wrote, If several African nations could put aside their internal and external differences they could form another bloc.

Australia could be another, maybe a hub for Oceanic nations.

And yeah, more likely several Scandinavian countries could own a planet or moon, on their own or as group.

Several underdeveloped countries from Asia but with large resources such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Philippines could form another union.

Probably in those days South and North Korea would be unified and become a power on their own. Japan very likely too will be a important player.

The Arab League perhaps could be appear in the space race if they're capable to resolve their deep troubles.

Even if many of these countries couldn't make it, everyone who can, would migrate to space, searching a better life and escaping from corruption, violence, poverty, etc, of their home nations (similar to what we saw these days).

02-05-2018, 02:59 PM
Well as a Chinese, I'd like to say something on this topic, and I will try my best not to be biased.
When it comes to superpowers, I think it it fair to say that most people would want their own country to be the superpower in 100 years. However it is only my hope and no one knows for certain what will happen, just like what you said. As some one born and lives in China, the situation here is a rather complex one. Despite the large land, we also have the great population. I feel confident to say that most of our advantages and problems comes from the huge population. Too many people here are causing the lack of all sorts of resource(food&water, medical, educational,etc.) in our country, and a tiny tilt on the age structure of the population could be disastrous(now China is suffering from the aging of population and thus the lack of productivity). And in the future, as the amount of resource is limited while the increase of population is endless, I can only see these problems getting worse.
And you might ask: what on world is this all these related to the colonization? Actually I believe it is a shared crucial factor making it reasonable for China to be one of the countries dominating System 3. In 100 years, the population in China will be too much for our land to bear. That's why you can imagine that in the future, China will be super eager to develop technologies for outer space colonization. Because our need is the greatest. So we are driven to find more space to support our people. While for countries like (no offense, nothing personal) Denmark, there are still not enough people to occupy all the land. Why would they bother to get to the outer space? Similarly, from what I know, India has the same issue. That is why I believe it to be only reasonable that China and India are the ones colonizing System 3.
In the end, I just want to say that I feel glad that Chinese culture can be explored by and introduced to people all over the world. Our culture is one of the ancient and amazing cultures in all cultures. We are proud and honored to present you its beautiful sides. Can't wait to see how this game will turn out!
In the really real end, as a Ubisoft fan regardless of my identity, I just want to say :

02-05-2018, 04:22 PM
Actually there are predicitions for India to have the largest population in the near future, and china would be N°2. I don't know about Those countries ressources tho, so maybe they'll be in similar situatons or maybe not.
Either way, it's Interesting to notice that the cultures we recognised most in what we've seen of the game so far are those of the 2 most populated contries on Earth.

02-05-2018, 09:47 PM
I would love to see a system that is run by a Germanic culture, not just Germany, but other Scandinavian countries. Look how influential Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland are. Even with a lack of abundant natural resources like the United States, China, and even Russia, these nations have fought their way to becoming superpowers.

I think a planet with a Germanic influence would fit into this game. A planet with litter resources, but placed in just such a way that they could interact with any other major power. Banking would obviously be this planet's wealth, and, just as with Swiss Banking, a major problem for other nations. It'd make sense that this region would continue to be a mainstay, even in the future of world hopping.

It'd also be cool to see some Norse mythology plastered all around a whole planet. There could even be a "gang" that runs around calling themselves The Loki, and their major form of expression is playing tricks, and jokes on everyone.

02-05-2018, 11:32 PM
It'd also be cool to see some Norse mythology plastered all around a whole planet. There could even be a "gang" that runs around calling themselves The Loki, and their major form of expression is playing tricks, and jokes on everyone.

I'm not german so i may be very wrong about this, but is there really that much left of the culture of germanic tribes in the contries they lived in ?

The Roman empire and christianim pretty much homogenized the cultures didn't they ? A lot of European contries are just variation of one culture today.

02-07-2018, 09:56 AM
Actually there are predicitions for India to have the largest population in the near future, and china would be N°2. I don't know about Those countries ressources tho, so maybe they'll be in similar situatons or maybe not.
Either way, it's Interesting to notice that the cultures we recognised most in what we've seen of the game so far are those of the 2 most populated contries on Earth.

In my opinion, I think they were picked, because many think they have the most potential to replace the States when it comes to the worlds superpower.

Well as a Chinese......

This is rather interesting. I don't think the idea of your country being a superpower is that far fetched. From an outsider at least, it seems that China is really going up the food-chain globally. Your country seems to be in a position where they could potentially replace America when it comes to global influence, without any sign of conflict. That's always been the fault with Russia, who I think are a bit more aggressive and lack cooperation globally. A large portion of my city's CBD (Melbourne) are skyscrapers built by Chinese companies. And I imagine many corporations are Chinese owned again. This just shows how influential your country already is.

Australia could be another, maybe a hub for Oceanic nations.

As an Aussie, if things are going the way they are, I doubt this will happen. We are to busy looking up to our bigger brothers (England and USA), instead of thinking independently.

02-07-2018, 06:51 PM
As an Aussie, if things are going the way they are, I doubt this will happen. We are to busy looking up to our bigger brothers (England and USA), instead of thinking independently.

Oh! Pretty interesting to know this. In that case probably they lend to aussies a city.

02-13-2018, 09:11 PM
I'd love to see a planet where there is two warring factions of cats and dogs and there's a kinda uneasy alliance and you have to be careful not to stir up trouble or if you please stir up trouble between the factions take sides etc.

I think it could make for an interesting dynamic giving each species particular personality styles and could pave the way for some unique comedic moments.

02-20-2018, 03:55 AM
So from what I saw we have China and India two of the most populated places on earth but I think we can go a little further, how about africa , not only are some of the animal hybrids of African descendant but I think it would allow for some great scenery and all new locations. This is one of my many ideas. Please see this message.