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02-04-2018, 03:14 AM
There may be a few spoilers in what I talk about, I have completed the story mode,but I have yet to get or complete any of the DLC's. To make this clear, these are personal opinions of mine, yet I do hope this finds it’s way to someone who may be willing to read this on the team.

This is a thread about owning the story of Origins and making it better, and probably stall for time while you guys work on the follow up game. My main reason for this is I love the AC series, yet every game has it's downside which usual equals the story. Black Flag being one of the best in the series with its story.

As far as I can tell by the ending of Origins, Aya is the founder more so than Bayek of the Brotherhood.

First with the animus story, Layla meets with William Miles who finds her and asks her about learning the Assassin's story instead of everything though the Templar's eyes. Have Miles show Layla the Assassin's Order and a stronger version of the Animus which will put that portable Animus to shame because they have been stealing the technology from the Templar’s for years. This Animus will be able to show more details in the Origin story. If Aya is truly the founder of the Brotherhood as is depicted at the end of Origin's then continue that, Layla will play as Aya and go though her entire story along side the events of Origins where we played as Bayek and his revenge quest.

We start as Bayek and his friend as kids in Siwa. We learn how they grow, and getting into shenanigans.Eventually leading to Bayek and Aya’s meeting,similar to the beginning of Assassin's Creed 2 with Ezio. After their son’s death, show us Bayek and Aya tailing the Order instead of knee deep and already found them. After this, either we end before the events of Origins, or we follow Aya through the story of Origins as well as more details on Cleopatra and Caesar and all those historical figures. But most of this is if Aya is the true founder. Right now Bayek feels shoehorned as the Brotherhood's figurehead.

To make Bayek truly a leader we could begin after the events of Origins, now I'm not sure about the DLCs and will probably change this post after playing though them when I have time to get them, but have Bayek taking more of a lead, directing the Brotherhood. I'm not saying make Bayek take Aya’s place, just show Bayek more like Ezio and less in revenge mode and a sad father.

This are a few simple ideas of improvement. I mentions this could be a hold over for you guys until the next game is ready. A few graphical improvements as with better and tighter lip sync and facial recognition like in Unity. Ability to drag bodies after an assassination and bringing them to a bush to hide. This will take place in the beautiful open-world you have already created.

Great gameplay is already there, same with combat--a few more finishing moves for each weapon. All of this is easily an additional DLC that you can use to prolong the replay and gaming value of Origins. Use what you already made, and improve on in, GTA Online has dragged out it's game this way. Not saying you have to drive it into the ground but it's a good little addition to make Origins feel complete—at least to me.

I'm writing this because I enjoy the series, and because the series could be so much more than be just a game. A game with a memorable story as well like Black Flag. And more memorable for everyone who plays it and finds as much enjoyment as I do.