View Full Version : Please give opportunity for missed PJ's and Outfits

02-02-2018, 10:37 AM
Hello Frontier

I am pleased that there have been many old tracks released recently (still a few to go). Would it be possible to make more outfits and pain jobs earn-able. By earn-able I don't necessarily mean as an award (although obviously preferred) but also for purchase with gems in the garage or daily shop (as these can also be earned). I currently have 66/91 PJ's so am missing 25.(Agent not included as I dont have this yet)

https://ibb.co/ejry66 https://ibb.co/ejry66

As can be seen I haven't got many for the crazy bikes. (Agent not included as I dont have this yet)

Also missing lots of outfits that could be made available in the home shack for gems.

PS: Thanks to Dutscher-DE for the garage and PJ images @ http://trialstrackmap.sb-f.de/garage.html