View Full Version : is it a glitch in Dominon?

02-02-2018, 02:48 AM
Question. When I do certain orders like capture a point or I have orders that are telling me to capture or take... it doesn't count towards taking B objective where the soldiers are fighting even though the game says I've taken control of B. Why is that? It doesn't count towards progression in orders or in game capture.

02-02-2018, 11:26 PM
The Zones where the minions fight (mostly B, or Zone C in The Shard Map) do not count as a single Players Objective, since the Minions take control of it. You just "help" them reach the front line to take control of it. If you play private matches, it's the easiest on the Forge map to wait between A and C till the enemy took control of a zone and recapture it, or to capture a zone, step outside the zone and wait for a bot to take it back and recapture it again.

Tundra 793
02-02-2018, 11:32 PM
It's been that way since day 1 so I can't imagine it's a glitch, but it's definitely something we should look into changing.

02-02-2018, 11:39 PM
As others have already said, the orders only count towards the zones that players themselves capture. The middle point of the map is captured instead by the soldiers as opposed to the presence of players taking it themselves.