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02-01-2018, 11:07 PM
First, I need to commend the developing team on the core of this new game. Everything about it excites me. I love adventure, culture, pirates, space! Ah! I love it all! If we break apart the actual title of the game, what does "Beyond Good & Evil" even mean? It means that beyond it all, there is a greater meaning, and that is, soul. What I loved so much about the first game was the opening scene where Jade is seen meditating by the water. The whole experience was very immersive. She has this inner essence to explore the world, and to explore herself, to discover all the mysteries of what and who am I? She wants to be the heroine and save the world from darkness, but is left questioning if she is a part of the darkness. That is the core of adventure, to discover meaning, expose and promote truth. I love the politics in the first game, the exposing of a corrupt establishment. I loved the camera because you felt in control of providing the evidence to provide justice, and also for the innocence of cataloging animals, the camera could be a tool for good or evil. Maybe not the camera again, but some tool with the same idea for the sequel. I am female. I love BG&E and early Tomb Raider games because of the female empowerment, the exploration of temples, the ancient and foreign cultures and the puzzles (mirrors on the moon!). I want to think, explore, discover, feel and be the hero.

02-01-2018, 11:31 PM
Thank you so much for this thoughtful feedback, @YourBlueFlame (and welcome to the Space Monkey Forums!) I will pass it along to the team. Please, stick around and keep sharing your thoughts with us!

02-02-2018, 05:20 PM
I think "Beyond Good & Evil" isn't a clear idea, but rather gathers a variety of concepts, that everyone sees a part of: Because every individual is unique, there are as many definitions for Good and Evil than they are people.
I believe that for Jade, what was Beyond Good & Evil was truth and justice. And that for Dakini and her crew its freedom.

I realised this better after watching the trailer:
Dakini, when discovering the data on the mdisk says that "true freedom lies beyond" Muksha, so she must be after freedom.
Freedom can surely be a cause worth pursiung and fighting for, but lets assume shani and knox act in the name of freedom in the trailer.
They trick a crime boss into giving away the mdisk and scram.
Zhou Yuzhu sends the police after them, so the police is corrupt.
knox and shani are targeted by missiles by the police ship in the middle of the day, the police is puting civilians in danger (but maybe the regular cop just got orders to stop a very dangerous criminal and does as he's said)
They dodge, making 3 small ships explode. we know there are two people in the small ones, they've killed 6 policemen.
they hijack a fourth ship, escaping while the big ship explodes and crashes into a building, no information on who got hurt.
They rejoyce for escaping and get back to the ship, they are welcomed by cheers, Dakini sees Muksha and they leave.

They are pirates after all. And the police were being sent by Zhou Yuzhu, But were they doing Good or Evil ? I believe they are beyond, somewhere in the grey.

06-16-2018, 08:36 AM
I always took it to mean that those in control were always trying to brainwash the public into thinking that there was archetypal good and evil in the world, via the coordinated construction of Alpha Section (good) and DomZ (evil) in order to maintain subservience and exploitation—and that a whole lot of people within that oppressive state (Jade and the IRIS Network) strive to see beyond that theater of good and evil to realize what is true.

You as Jade in BGE 1 find that you can't say you're on the good side or the bad side. You're somewhere beyond in the area that is about learning, complexity, and reality.

07-06-2018, 09:40 PM
The best analogue of "beyond good and evil" may be the paradise in the bible, describing a state of belonging to the creation until the first humans ate this fruit of knowledge of good and evil - called morality. Secondbest may be a child who burns insects with a magnifying glass without any evil intent, just for curiosity. A nice quote for this state of mind is: It seemed a good choice/option at the time and nobody knew what would come from it.
Every empire in history was build on cheap workforce. Breed your own slaves, give them an unmistakeably face and they can never rise in society. (The former slaves of America proved otherwise in many many generations) The only way to receive salvation from this situation in your lifetime is rebellion, piracy or shapeshifting maybe with a DNA editing device that manufactures retroviruses which switch your DNA to the desired end after a kind of heavy influenca. Freedom is choosing your own fate....
And if the empire says "We already got a Darth Vader and we do not need a second one" screw them.