View Full Version : Duel Rank Rewards Should Not Be Random

01-31-2018, 08:31 PM
I'm trying to get the Heroic Tier reward for my Highlander, specifically the embossing of the Viking face because it looks nice on his cape. Not only do I need to wait for hours just to find enough people that still play this mode with For Honor's god awful turtle meta. Not only do I need to make sure I get to the Heroic Tier, I then need to throw the match and let my opponent win so I can get the Heroic Tier rewards - what a stupid system quite frankly. And then after all that I find out that the reward that drops is completely random. I got a red colour scheme instead... hooray me ....

Now that's just insulting to the player in my opinion. The whole hoop jumping process to make sure you get the Hero Tier drops and then the reward is random, come on guys. Are you really surprised that ranked mode is completely dead my dear developers with crap sauce like this sprinkled all over it?

1) Remove all RNG from the rewards. Completely! What you see is what you should get. This is not a Korean MMORPG.

2) Make it so that winning a tournament grants you both the Hero Tier rewards as well as the Legendary Tier reward emblem. Don't force people to throw the semi final match just because they want the exclusive embossing. Actually reward your player PROPERLY for winning a ranked duel tournament.

Right now there are no positives to ranked Duel. It leaves a bad taste in your mouth with RNG drops, with the ridiculously long wait times to find enough players and of course having to suffer through some of the worst aspects of For Honor's fighting system, i.e. the cheese moves and the turtle meta.

P.S. While I'm at it, remove the words "Beta" from the description. You put this mode into the live game ergo it is no longer a beta. Stop using "beta" as an excuse to ignore the poor quality the mode is currently in.