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01-29-2018, 05:50 PM
Hello Annoholics,

We kick off our official Union island creation contest today and we are looking for your interesting takes on the Anno island formula. The best entries get the chance to become something truly special, as we will put the best maps up for a vote on the Anno Union and the winning island shape will get implemented into the game.

Here are the details:
- The deadline for the contest is Thursday, February 15th and you can post your entry here at this Topic
- You design your own island shape, you can either do it digitally or send us a scan of your drawn image. - Your island should be a clearly visible island shape shown in top down view.
- Your shape should include terrain elements such as mountains and hills as well as marked spaces for beaches. Keep in mind: if something is not marked as a beach, it is counted as a cliff-side.
- Finally , but very importantly, add interesting details and obstacles. We are curious about your interesting ideas but make sure that things do not get too crazy.
- A picture of your island is mandatory but you can post a short description and the gameplay ideas behind your concept in the forum as well.



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01-30-2018, 01:46 PM
Since no-one started yet... here is my go on the island: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/383621406539251712/407866735518154762/eiland.zwart.jpg

This is my island design, I'd love to have the harbour in that enclosed area... Just cozz... Why not? :D

I also thought of two "rivers", because I have barely seen that, and it allows the island to have an interesting shape. Also the shape is for the people which like to struggle with design, this lay-out allows for really interesting cities

Hope u like my idea ♥

Regular building space/forest
harbour area/beach
Island shape

The grey line around the island is what I used to be able to color massive area's of the island in one go. You can find it also in place where I coloured the smaller area's, this is to be ignored

01-30-2018, 03:36 PM
An enclosed harbour sounds like a really cool idea!

01-31-2018, 12:03 PM

01-31-2018, 12:48 PM
Here is my little contribution ^^
https://zupimages.net/up/18/05/y6kq.jpg (http://zupimages.net/viewer.php?id=18/05/y6kq.jpg)

A medium sized island with mountain, and a smaller island below. An old stone bridge link the two island, and there is some ruins on the smaller isand, but nobody knows who was here before :/ A little pebble beach is set to the left of the little island

(dark contour indicate where the ground is higher)

01-31-2018, 08:47 PM
this is my island and it should be a very big island to allow the construction of a train line... and the two montain lake are the perfect place for some pretty dam;)

02-01-2018, 08:24 PM

02-02-2018, 04:39 PM

The main feature of this medium sized island is that it has a large lake fed by several rivers, that is big enough to have a buildable coastline and sustain fish. I think this could add a unique dynamic, as although space is limited on the island, the inner lake can allow someone to sustain a simple population even if all their fishing huts on the outer coastline are destroyed as a consequence of war.

If there are other resources, like lobsters (lobsters can exist in fresh water) from 2070, the lake may also be a source of that resource/foodstuff as well.

02-03-2018, 01:25 PM
This will be mine idea of a big main isle :



I don't know of entering harbors can be divined on deferent beaches, but if then only on the orange parts, the light gray lines are mountain-banks and the dark gray are mine spots
the light blue are rivers.

The intention of this isle is to make a big city with panty recourses on mountain-sides but lower on the ground wise , like only Cider and Hemp (The first 2 stages or till they can build ships). and a free spot
The yellow beaches are only for fishing huts and defense systems.

02-03-2018, 09:09 PM

GREEN: Building Areas
GREY: Mountains
YELLOW: Beaches
BLUE: Water

This is my island for the contest! I´m sure a lot can be improved but I really like the idea of having an elevated area next to a mountain lake and a waterfall, overlooking the city. A perfect spot to build a nice palace or a cool urban area. I was trying to make a hill that is not too tilted, so it can still be used as a building area. I hope you like it!

02-03-2018, 09:22 PM
Bonjour à tous,

voici une proposition d'une île, avec l'accès au port de la ville au centre.



02-03-2018, 10:52 PM
Hopefully I didnt forgot anything.



It is mid size island with a lot of river slots (if they even exist in 1800 :D), 3 mountain springs, fertilities status: many (all green places are good for growing it), raw materials status: only iron. 2 rivers go through moantain on top.

Specialty of this island is that it has hot spring (up-left corner, thing that has red borders)!

It is great island is you need to get a lot of goods from farming etc., but it have only one raw materlial good which is iron and you can find it from few small mountains that island has.

I would recommend it for farming area and living place. It has luxury place as

Depending on how game is build (totally fantasy because I don't even know does 1800 has hot springs, I just liked idea), hot spring could be relaxation place for higher social classes (maybe even for lower classes) and there could be possibility to build special building near it where people could change clothes etc. and that building would allow people to use that hot spring!

02-05-2018, 08:59 PM
Hi guys n girls,
My island has a large mountain / volcano that has formed the island but has long since died. Leaving a big creater behind which filled up with water over time. This hidden and beautiful lake now gives birth to 3 rives which snake their way off the island into riverdelta's and finaly into the see. These rivers are perfect for certain types of production buildings.
Furthermore the island has room for two major ports which are easily defendable but can also leave you in a trap caution is adviced.
Finaly because the island is rapidly formed by the volcano at the time the cliffs are steep and offer no real place to put a harbor. Maybe some trails can lead down for a little fishing area in one of the bays. I hope you guys like it!


02-06-2018, 11:09 PM

The most important factor is the big river that meanders through the island. It's a lot bigger then rivers that featured in previous Anno titles. I hope it allows you to build steel bridges (an eye catcher of the age of industrialisation) across it to connect both parts of the island (if not possible you can always reduce the size of the river to fitting standards.

In the northwest of the island is a mountain passage perfect for setting up mining operations, the strange circles in the southwest indicate a hill (that potentially oversees the whole Island).
In the middle is space for constructing a city (on both sides of the river) and for farming.
The east contains some mountain ranges with other potential recourses.
There are two entries to the island: one in the south which allows construction of a large harbour (and process a lot of ships at once) and one smaller beach in the northeast with smaller capacity capabilities. I also added beach along the river, this is a suggestion that ships could sail along the river to an inland harbour. Maybe it would allow you to build harbours like Rotterdam, Hamburg, Antwerp, etc. Though that's just a suggestion :rolleyes:

02-07-2018, 01:51 PM

I went for nothing too fancy, a horseshoe shaped island that forms a bay with 2 beaches. At the center there is a mountain side where a river starts and crosses the island. There are also several waterfalls coming out of the mountain into the bay. The main feature of the island is the Mont Saint-Michel like island at the top left. It's a little island connected with a cliff road to the main land. This little island could have the building of a neutral power (if they are still a thing) or otherwise maybe the ruins of an ancient castle or structure.

The island is probably more of a production island than a main island. The neutral power, mines in the mountains and possibly the power of the river could provide the player with a lot of valuable resources.

02-07-2018, 05:41 PM
It's a medium sized map with 3 sectors, delimited by a river.

Acces to the others sectors will need bridges and cannot be unlocked at the beginning of the game.
It will be possible to creat a harbor into the north or the south of the map (near the delta) with military outpost possibilities if you place defences on the smalls islands.

I hope it will be possible to build hydraulic dam (like in the real industrial revolution), so I have make a special place like in anno 2070.

I have add some spécial details like an old lighthouse, a coal mine and a desaffected military outpost.


02-08-2018, 04:53 PM
Here's my island, tell me if you can read the text

https://image.noelshack.com/minis/2018/06/6/1518258889-map2.png (https://www.noelshack.com/2018-06-6-1518258889-map2.jpeg)


02-09-2018, 01:30 AM
Island Graphics [Click for a bigger view]

https://scontent.flhr4-2.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/27541029_10211651474786484_6591584286032720811_n.j pg?oh=020dccb6867cccc02f919d37dcef661b&oe=5B166C1F (https://drive.google.com/open?id=17DZFdl6Qj_fkWc5qyIYelJ3Z3jQnBYut) https://scontent.flhr4-2.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/27867199_10211651474706482_4803017100689375340_n.j pg?oh=029f3332f09fe7ac3b2d096b72ecc89c&oe=5B0D438C (https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Fx_gAavFLpK6r_NJs2_QtSxA3Q-1eHFo) https://scontent.flhr4-2.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/27657191_10211651474986489_8698503246538320000_n.j pg?oh=f7ecad2b8677e51c5bd3d03f540dae7c&oe=5B2218AF
(https://drive.google.com/open?id=1C7Jb_l4WVHNw734WQNMwwwgAHr0douYZ)Island properties

Island difficulty - Medium

Island geographical features
Cape Willem is a small island that is situated in rough waters. Dangerous currents work on the South West part of the island that lead to some of the cliffs being washed out and separated from the main part of the island. Never the less this part of this island has interesting rock formations: hexagonal stone pillars that reach from just under the surface of the water to several dozen meters high. (The Giants Causeway in Ireland would be a good graphical reference.) The rest of the island presents itself in rather steep cliffs from layers of stone sediment. In the North West is the highest elevation, a mountain that is rich in iron deposits. On the North East side of the island, a coal deposit was found during a geological survey. While not excessive, it should provide enough coal for a resourceful player. The same mountain also feeds a small river that is winding itself to the east of the island, just to fall in a small but rather spectacular waterfall into the sea. There are two main beaches: in the North and in the West of the island. There is also a small beach next to one of the small islands.

Island fertility
Cape Willem offers rich soil, that will allow the player to fulfil the basic needs of the population. More luxurious goods will need to be Imported to reach higher prosperity. The waters in the North proved themselves as rich fishing grounds, the currents around the South West make fishing impossible on the West beach though.

Island Scenario
While the island is fairly small it is rather important for one of the AI Players: Arthur Gasparov. His visionary construction of settlements not only lead to prosperous cities, it also lead to an influx of influential citizens that are avidly participating in the stock market. But Cape Willems currents already cost some ship, life and more importantly for those entrepreneurs: money. But Gasparov is not a fool, he knows that a Light House is needed to improve the safety of the ships and pacify his gentry.
This is the point where the player can get in the good books with Gasparov, by helping him erecting the light house, through a series of delivery quests.
Once the lighthouse is completed though the player can choose to continue to provide the lighthouse with food supplies. In doing this, the lighthouse will reveal floating cargo as well as shipwrecked sailors in the area around the island on the map. This way players can not only help to preserve life and earn the gratitude of their subject, but they can also from time to time gather valuable commodities.

(If you require the pictures in a higher resolution, I can provide them, but they are kind of massive :) )

02-11-2018, 01:40 PM
Based on island from ANNO 1503
Size - large;
Main assignment - living place and farming;
60% of land - forest;
River divides island into 3 parts. To open a part, player needs to build a bridge (how in ANNO 2205). Or all parts of island open at once and then player can build a bridge using the road (for example, how in ANNO 2070).
Small stones are indicated in gray.
So, I want to say thank you for listening to the players! I hope you like it!:)

02-14-2018, 06:13 AM
Unfortunatly I can give you just a way to look to my work. Please don't pass by my work!!!




in the west, north and south of the island there is plenty of room for industrial facilities, and on a plateau and in a mountain valley - a good place for a city closed on all sides by mountains

Perhaps the souls of the dead sailors roam near the old lighthouse, and the walls of the ruined fortress still ring, recalling the past battles here

02-14-2018, 02:02 PM
I didn't notice this contest before this morning :nonchalance:. If I had known...

Anyway, this is a top down 2D sketch. I'd love to make a version in World Machine as well at some point.


02-14-2018, 09:53 PM
Hello ! I propose you a new large map with a lake on the middle :


Concerning gameplay it will be possible to cross the river and access to more land.

Like in my previous map, it will be possible to build a dam :


A small passage between the cliffs will allow ships to access the harbour, protected by two island :


I think it can be a good idea to build some special industrial monument like a blast furnace wich can produce an huge amount of steel. This low cost steel will be necessary to build other monuments an heavy weapons (like a railway gun) efficiently.
Notice that this part is purely fictonal...


High power weapon like railway gun can travel into the map using the news railroad lines and shoot from a fixed rotating plate against ships and other Islands if close.


Ask me if you have any questions ! ;)

02-15-2018, 11:02 AM
Nice and thorough design MW.TRIBUN (https://forums.ubi.com/member.php/2573980-MW-TRIBUN) ! :rolleyes:

02-15-2018, 12:44 PM
Hello Explorers and Islandbuilders!

Thank you so much for your plentiful contributions to this contest! All of them look very awesome and we look forward to sift through them.
As Freeway said, this now marks the deadline to contribute and with this, the Island Creation Contest is over.

The Anno-Team will look through all the entries next and select the best ones - which will be a rough decision to make because there are so many good ones! In the next Anno Community Poll, you - the fans - will get to decide which island will make it into the game.

Until then, keep an eye on the Anno Union (https://www.anno-union.com/en/), Twitter (https://twitter.com/ANNO_EN/), Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/annogame) and of course, our Forums!

A new update will come today.

Have an awesome day,
Chris / Ubi-O5