View Full Version : Is there any more progress in the modern-day portion?

01-29-2018, 05:45 PM
Or are you perpetually "waiting for extraction"? If not, that's disappointing. I wish they would put more effort into the modern-day stuff, it always seems to unfinished whenever they include it, and makes me feel like they should just eliminate it altogether.

01-29-2018, 10:08 PM
Yeah, you are stuck on "Waiting for extraction, the helicopter should be here in an hour". Even this little MD is better than nothing + it hints that the next game will be based around Layla as well. But I agree, I really wish that they push the modern day / Juno story way more.

01-30-2018, 11:11 AM
It's always the next game with Ubisoft, as if 4 years of basically filler content (IMO the relevant bits of information we got from Black Flag to Syndicate could have been summarized into one game) wasn't enough, here we are, once again raising our expectations the next game will deliver when we know for a fact it won't, a shame really. I'm a huge fan of the MD stuff but I don't get why Ubisoft keep pushing it when it's clear they don't have any interest in putting more effort into it.

IMO Origins started way to slow, it would've been more interesting if we started playing as Galina or a random Assassin (or at least shown in a cutscene) implying we were going after Layla for reasons and then control Layla and use the animus, now we'll probably spend a good part of the next installment's MD with meet & greet and pointless discussions/explanations trying to make her understand why she should help the Assassins with nothing really being solved regarding Juno, the next game will probably point us to the direction to finally start dealing with her and I'm being optimistic here, because I wouldn't be surprised if it end up being another waste of time (as if wasting an entire game to just point us towards a direction wasn't already) leaving all the loose ends to be tied up in the last game (assuming this will be a trilogy) in a rushed up manner (once again being optimistic because I wouldn't be surprised if in the next game Ubisoft comes up with another plot instead of dealing with the ongoing one, they've done that in the past already, leaving the satellite plot behind and introducing the end of the world one).

Until they wipe the slate clean dealing with Juno the MD will always be subpar, there's just too much going on at the same time, it doesn't help that now they seem to be flerting with butterfly effect and time travel. It's an awesome subject but in Ubisoft's hands IMO it'll only be used to drag the story out to release more games.