View Full Version : Club Challenge - show me the money???

01-29-2018, 02:18 PM
Show me the money challenge is kinda impossible to get since there are only few players who participated in the close beta and alpha of this game, and yet there is no way for the collectors , like myself, to complete those challenges. I am pretty sure that the same happened in the community of Assassin's creed origins about the same challenge cause only a few players could get harlequin and chop chop. But in the ac origins community ubisoft said that even without those 2 you can get the challenge done.

So why dont everyone who completed the other challenges except those 3, get ''show me the money'' challenge done.? I believe this is fair for everyone.

01-29-2018, 07:53 PM
Hi JFUHD! I'll pass on this request, but it may be something that we want to have to reward those who were with us from the very beginning. I'll still check on this for you.

01-29-2018, 10:10 PM
Thank you Ubilnsulin!

03-28-2018, 04:22 AM
please do, I am 70 years old and tis is one of the best games you have ever turned out

03-28-2018, 06:35 AM
It should change to if you have participated in any of the beta tests, like the servers for instance.