View Full Version : Being handicapped ruins the game for me

01-29-2018, 01:40 AM
even though this game has many flaws i still played the game through from launch to now and up on til now i really wonder why am I still playing this game because up on til now being handicapped in this game never felt like a pain in the *** like it does now being in matches where the other team is a full squad, im not talking about them all being squad up i mean that team having all players while i am always missing 1 player with a level 1 bot replacement and the other teammates just got the game or are getting back on it; while the other team is full of high overall rep players

I know its my fault for staying because everyone knows that as soon as you get a bot as a teammate you should just back out of the game, i have been on a huge losing streak havent won any matches in a while because of this so why even play this game if im just going to lose almost like 10 matches in a row now.

Now if i lose the first 3-4 matches i just get off the game completely now and dont get back on the next day, but now i dont know if i should continue to play this game now if you cant even play this game by yourself anymore you really need to play with your friends now.

Can someone tell me why i should keep playing this game?

01-29-2018, 03:03 AM
Jesus christ dude, I'm pretty sure there isn't a single complete sentence in that wall of text. And also, why would you change the font? It just makes your post doubly obnoxious to read.

01-30-2018, 04:27 PM
just fokus on your performance. i am satisfied if i have more kills than deaths in an uneven fight.

if i am on the winning team i go for 3x kills to deaths to feel it was ok. or no deaths. or max points. just make some fun goals.