View Full Version : PC Suggestion Mission board/scrolls

01-28-2018, 05:58 PM
Dear Ubisoft,

You guys did a wonderful job on this game.
I've been playing ac origins for quite a while now and completed it twice and exhausted all activities but still can't get enough of it.

I was hoping if you guys would consider implementing a random generated mission system similar to Reda's daily quests.
Maybe from the NPC in the Hidden Ones Bureau or a shelf with scrolls.
Doing this would help with roleplaying as a Medjay or Hidden One. Of course without receiving payment.

Hunting down more Phylakes, clearing a animal den or killing a new officer/commander from a camp.
Maybe rescue someone from bandits.

Anyway i would like to end by saying, amazing work and i hope to get a response.

Kind regards,


Bharat Benie