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01-28-2018, 04:47 AM
He doesnít need it, it needs to go. I donít have a huge problem with aramusha besides the sht light spamming on console, but a light spamming freak with good hp doesnít need that feat wat so ever.

01-28-2018, 05:31 AM
He doesnít need it, it needs to go. I donít have a huge problem with aramusha besides the sht light spamming on console, but a light spamming freak with good hp doesnít need that feat wat so ever.

Many characters have feats that they donít need. All AOE powers, bleed feats for assassins that inflict bleed, shaman having second wind despite a built in healing factor, the feats that increase throw distance by next to nothing, ect. In fact, there isnít a single technically needed feat, but I understand what youíre trying to say.

I assume you are of the opinion Aramusha doesnít need the feat because you think that the light spam that you are having difficulty dealing with should (presumably) be enough as you arenít able to get a gb in at all. As a console player, I sympathize, as I used to be in between high-mid to low-high tier and couldnít deal with light spam myself until about the start of season 4. The HUGE problem that Aramusha has run into is that against your typical player (not even down playing most players, most players are rather decent) his light spam on console is incredibly difficult to deal with, HOWEVER, once you make it to higher level play, everyone easily shuts down his chains which then leave you with 1. An easily predictable soft fient game that is easily interrupted by a light attack and 2. A temporary full block stance that isnít worth while using as its free damage once the would have been blocked attack is fiented (good literally only against someone who plays very aggressively and spammy) and must be used INCREDIBLY sparingly. Technically, he doesnít NEED it, but I would argue in a high tier team battle it is necessary for him to be viable on his own. I would honestly argue it is not as strong as some of the other powers in team battle: fear itself with bleed feat creates instant kills easily, auto revive when playing objective is powerful, healing in tribute is more powerful, AOE in general is more powerful ect. Iím not saying it isnít a very strong asset, but I would argue, though a pain, IF YOU ASSUME he has the perk and play against him as such, it is way less game impacting then multiple other feats. One of the biggest mistakes is to assume they donít have this feat yet. After 2 mins of playing, it is safe to assume you shouldnít try to stagger them. A GB is still a free heavy (unless your HL) and a parry is honestly more detrimental to Aramusha than anyone as he relies solely on being able to get his chain started on the momentum it creates.

Characters with high spam potential are very annoying, however, one thing you must understand is it is not the character who is spamming, rather the player. Most players rather take the cheese route that gives success the majority of the time then play the character as intended by utilizing the moves and strategies that create the heroes identity. People fall into these muscle memory spams all the time. Aramusha spam is just one of many, Glad light, heavy fient to toe stab, PK light, valk light and sweep, SB/HB (not seen as often these days admittedly), Cent GB heavy, heavy soft fient GB, LB block shove, raider soft fient tap, the list is endless and there are honestly a shocking amount of heroes that donít have a super predictable player base play style and those characters tend to be lower tier, BECAUSE they donít have any cheese to spam. The more you focus on countering the specific super overused moves of the majority of players, you will become immensely improved. Admittedly, Aramusha was the 2nd worst to get used to only after shaman which I am still not used to, but youíll improve and eventually his light spam wonít be anything to you, youíll see mate, just keep working at it.

01-28-2018, 07:03 AM
No, it definitely needs to go. It's a feat that negates an entire mechanic of the game. He essentially can't be punished so, yeah.

01-28-2018, 07:50 AM
Thereís not much else we can do about Rock Steady at this point. The mods have forwarded the various concerns about it to the dev team in the past and they are at least aware of the communities feelings towards it. They may be working on a alternative to it, or they may decide itís fine as it is, I donít know at this stage. Personally, I think it needs fixing or to be flat out replaced as it goes against the core fundamental mechanics of the game and itís fighting system, and is simply way to strong for a tier 2 feat.

01-28-2018, 08:41 AM
It is indeed a quite overpowered feat.

01-28-2018, 09:00 PM
Despite not agreeing that it needs to be removed, I will say, whether intended or not (I donít think so) it SHOULD NOT negate the knockback of revenge activation. I donít think it is intended, Shugokiís doesnít stop him from being knocked to the ground. I think itís a bug honestly.

01-28-2018, 09:57 PM
We've passed the concerns about Aramushas using the Rock Steady feat on to the team previously, but thank you for raising the issue again! Will follow up on this with the team.